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Fall Asleep to These Immersive Soundscapes

by BetterSleep
Jul 1 • 3 min read

Soundscapes are mixes of natural and synthetic sounds that anyone can use to ease into sleep at night. Soundscapes bring individual sounds together to create something like a landscape for your sense of hearing.

A soundscape may include gentle rain, wind in the leaves, and chirping frogs to help guide you to sleep to the sounds of a spring forest. Sounds have the power to impact your sleep, either for the worse if they’re disruptive, or for the better, if they soothe you.

Several studies show that certain sounds can make it easier to sleep and improve sleep quality and cognitive function. Check out these options on BetterSleep for ready-made soundscapes to help you drift away on a peaceful sleep journey.

1. Fall Asleep in an Old Ship’s Captain Cabin on a Rainy Night

Picture yourself as the captain on an old ship in the sea. The waves are rolling gently, and you can hear them as they lap against the side of the boat. The room is small but cozy. A dog sleeps quietly at the end of the bed, and as you begin to feel relaxed, a thunderstorm breaks. The ship’s wood sides muffle the sounds of thunder and waves, providing a gentle soundtrack to a good night’s sleep.

2. Drift Off to Sleep by a Pristine Canadian Lakeside

You’re in a sleeping bag or a tent with the windows open on a cool, early summer night by a remote Canadian lake. The water laps softly on the pebbly shore. Frogs serenade you, and a loon calls out in the distance. Far from the city, these sounds of nature should put you to sleep in no time.

3. Soothe and Distract With City by Night

While some people relax best to the sounds of nature, others prefer the white noise of a city. If that’s you, try this BetterSleep mix and find yourself transported to an apartment on a bustling block at night. You’ll hear the steady movement of a train on the tracks, distant car horns, and urban birds calling out as the sun sets for the night.

4. Fall Asleep in a Cozy Spaceship

If you have always dreamed of getting on a rocket ship and exploring other worlds, try this soundscape. Imagine yourself in a cozy spaceship for one, far from the troubles back on Earth. Listen to the soothing sounds of flying through space without a care in the world.

5. Go on an ASMR Voyage Into Deep Sleep

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) has been a social media trend for some time. It’s that relaxing, yet tingling, sensation you experience with certain sounds. Many people find ASMR soothing for sleep. Research into how effective ASMR sounds are for sleep is limited but promising. What works for one person may not for another, but try this BetterSleep mix to see what ASMR does for your sleep.

BetterSleep offers these and other soundscapes to meet everyone’s sleep needs. You can also create your own mixes or choose from those developed and saved by other users. Find the soundscape that works every time, or change it up and go on a different sleep journey each night.

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