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Child and Beginner-Friendly Mindfulness Activities to Do at Home

by BetterSleep
Jul 28 • 3 min read

Mindfulness helps you focus on the current moment and stop ruminating on the past or future. Being mindful can help you relax, manage stress, stabilize your emotions and become more resilient. Many adults have discovered the benefits of mindfulness, but it can be helpful for kids too.

Research into how mindfulness affects children is limited but promising. Some studies show it can improve social skills, quality of life and academic performance. They also found that mindfulness practices improve mental and physical health, leading to better sleep, self-esteem and self-awareness. If you’re new to mindfulness or want to introduce it to your children, try these kid-friendly and beginner activities.


This easy activity is great for cultivating a habit of mindfulness and pausing to focus on the moment. Try doing it randomly throughout the day:

  • Stop. First, stop whatever you’re doing.
  • Take a breath. Breathe deeply and focus on how it feels.
  • Observe. Think about what emotions you’re experiencing in the moment, even if they’re bad.
  • Proceed. Consider this a quick check-in and go on with whatever you were doing.

Mindful Eating

Learning to eat mindfully is another healthy habit. We often overeat when we’re not paying attention to our meal because we’re distracted by screens or our thoughts.

Choose a nutritious snack food, like an apple, and hold on to it. Notice how it feels and then smell it. Describe how it looks, including color, texture, and shape, either out loud or in your head. Bite into the apple and think about how it tastes and feels in your mouth. Notice how its smell has changed. Take time to finish eating it, focusing your attention only on the apple.

Mindful Bath Time

For your littlest ones, bath time is a great opportunity for mindfulness. Ask questions about how your child feels and what they’re experiencing: Is the water cold or warm? Is their skin wet or dry? How does the soap smell? Encourage your child to describe what they see and sense during their bath.

Counting Heartbeats

This is a simple activity that provides an excellent introduction to meditation. Sit or lie down with your child in a quiet spot and help them find their heartbeat or pulse. Have them count each beat in their head.

For beginners, try this activity for 30 seconds or less. Increase the duration as you practice more often. You can also change it up by counting breaths instead of heartbeats. Both activities will teach your child to focus on their body in the moment.

Child-Focused Meditations

Try BetterSleep’ guided meditations with your kids. We’ve developed several practices designed especially for children, like Sweet Dreams, Calming OM Chant, and Muscle Relaxation, among many others. These short, guided meditations will put your child on a path to greater mindfulness. We’ve also released a new collection of animal sounds that can be incorporated into kid-friendly mixes for unguided practices.

Mindfulness is beneficial for everyone. Why not try it along with your kids or dip a toe in yourself? These and other simple activities can help you build a solid practice for relaxation, stress reduction, and better sleep.

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