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Eye mask
Poor Sleep Hygiene: Are You Guilty of it?
Explore sleep hygiene, why it's important, and some simple tips for improving your sleep habits.
Sep 23 • 7 min read
Woman in bed on her phone
sleep / news
How Sleep Apps Improve Sleep
Finding ways to improve your sleep quality and get into healthy sleeping patterns is essential. Sleep apps offer a variety of features that can be beneficial for users
Sep 23 • 8 min read
Woman with lower back pain
Pain Meditations: Guided Meditation for Pain
Guided Meditation for pain can be an effective treatment for chronic pain, and it is vital to raise awareness about this essential treatment option.
Sep 22 • 14 min read
woman wearing headphones
Adding Binaural Beats to Music
Although there is some debate over whether or not binaural beats work, there's no harm in trying them out for yourself! Here's everything you need to know about binaural beats and how to use them.
Sep 22 • 6 min read
Child waking up father
sleep / lifestyle
Nightmares in Children
For most people, nightmares are nothing more than an annoyance, and it's nothing to be worried about. But for some children, nightmares can be terrifying and disruptive to their lives.
Sep 21 • 7 min read
Woman struggling with bedtime anxiety
wellness / mental health
Sleep Meditations for Anxiety
Many people with anxiety also have insomnia or some form of sleep deprivation. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to help solve the sleep problems your anxiety may be causing.
Sep 20 • 6 min read
Hand holding a drawing of a brain
Psychology of Dreams
Most people think of dreams as nothing more than the random firings of a tired brain. However, recent research has shown that dreams are quite complex and can offer valuable insights into our psychological state.
Sep 20 • 16 min read
Clutching blanket over face
Nightmares Explained
Nightmares are common, but aren't usually a major concern for most people. They can disrupt sleep, contribute to sleep disorders, or result in mental health disorders.
Sep 19 • 10 min read
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