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Starship-28: A Saga of Immersive Stories Across the Galaxy

by BetterSleep
Mar 4 • 2 min read

Bedtime stories are a classic way for parents and children to bond at night. Stories help kids relax and get ready to sleep. But these stories are not just for kids anymore. Adults have increasingly come to realize that bedtime stories can help them sleep, too.

BetterSleep has created several stories designed to help you relax and to let your imagination soar toward dreamland. Choose from a variety of stories from any genre and make listening to a soothing tale before bed a nightly habit.

Starship-28: A New Immersive Tale From BetterSleep

This new story will take you on a voyage through our galaxy. It’s an immersive experience because it describes what you see and feel as the passenger of a starship on a dreamy journey. If you have ever dreamed of escaping Earth and finding out what the rest of the universe is like, then this bedtime story is for you.

Starship-28 is not just for one night, either. The Starship saga spans across 3 stories, with the tale continuing to give you a new story to look forward to throughout your week.

  • Starship-28 Part I. Take off on the starship, launching from Earth and into the atmosphere. You’ll look down on the planet as you move toward the moon and check out the dark side you can never see from Earth. Listen to the soothing narrator as she takes you through the solar system, sharing stories behind the constellations along the way.
  • Starship-28 Part II – Trip to Mars. In this second part of the saga, you’ll head for Earth’s neighbour, Mars. Settle into the cozy, comfortable starship as it launches once again, safely taking you on a tour of another planet with facts and stories.
  • Starship-28 Part III – Ara. In part III of the story, learn more about your guide and narrator, Ara, as she takes you to Saturn’s largest moon. Titan is Ara’s home, and it’s more Earth-like and familiar than you might imagine. Learn more about Saturn, its rings, and all its moons.

Enjoy the story in its component parts, or all at once in the Starship-28 playlist. The collection includes trips to the moon, to Mars, and learning more about Ara. Enjoy the sounds of space travel and soothing music in this two-hour compilation.

Each part of the Starship-28 saga includes soothing music and atmospheric sounds to help you truly immerse your senses in a space travel experience. The narrator describes your journey and the starship, tells you stories along the way, and guides you through breathing and relaxation exercises.

For an out-of-this-world experience while drifting off to sleep, try the multi-part Starship-28 series and accompanying playlist. You won’t regret taking this journey from the safety of bed as you dream of other worlds.

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