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81% of users have seen a positive impact on their stress and anxiety.
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9 out of 10 users notice an improvement to their sleep quality.
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87% of users report waking up well rested and ready to face the day.
Discover your chronotype, track your sleep and create effective bedtime routines that draw from our rich audio collection, guided stories, and relaxation practices. Sweet dreams.
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The perfect soundscape

Combine your favorite sounds, binaural beats, and music from our expansive library to create your perfect mix.
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Meditation exercises that work

Explore an expert-guided meditation to help you clear your mind and ease your stress.
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Dropping into the Present Moment
14 min
Complete Release Body Scan
17 min
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bedtime stories
Bedtime Stories

Find your perfect bedtime stories

Get swept up in one of our relaxing narrated stories to lead you gently to sleep.
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Legends of the Highland Giants
28 min
The Underwater City
49 min
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Most positively reviewed app of the Apple App Store

Business Insider
“I suffer from severe anxiety and migraines. This app helps me refocus my thoughts and allow me to calm down enough so I can sleep. I love the meditations!”
- Christie Tucker
“I just want to say that this app changed mine and my husband’s sleep life forever! We couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for such an amazing app!”
- Katharina Yuktonis Cross
“Life saver when putting my baby to sleep! And for myself when I am so restless 👍”
- Melanie Cook
“Sensational, wonderful, outstanding. Just a few of the words that I would use to describe the sleep that I have been getting thanks to this app. I would recommend it to anyone that has any sort of difficulty sleeping”
- Dana Horton
“Honestly helped me get through some really heavy times. Grateful for this app and highly recommend the meditations to anyone struggling with insomnia, anxiety, or chronic pain.
- Shirley Emmons Howard
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