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Fall Asleep Easily With Bedtime Stories for Adults

by BetterSleep
Oct 2 • 3 min read

Do you remember being a kid and begging for a story before bed? A good storybook is a classic tool parents use, not just to bond in the evenings, but to help their children relax and drift off to dreamland. What if the strategy works beyond childhood? Could listening to a story help you get to sleep? Bedtime stories, it turns out, are not just for kids. You can benefit too.

Bedtime Stories Aren’t Just for Kids

Some adults never gave up bedtime stories but shifted their focus. Many people devote their bedtime attention to email and work materials or difficult nonfiction. Some adults don’t read at all in bed but watch television instead.

More and more adults are taking back story time and now turn to reading novels or listening to stories read aloud. Bedtime stories for adults is a trending topic and shows no sign of slowing down, probably because people have realized that a good story really helps.

Bedtime Stories for Adults on BetterSleep

Reading aloud or from a book or e-reader may not be ideal for you, so why not let your device read to you? BetterSleep includes months of nightly stories read in soothing voices, some with accompanying music. Pick your story, set it to play, and be lulled to sleep by these carefully chosen tales. The wide variety of stories gives you several options:

  • Choose your length. If you want to get to sleep soon, choose a ten-minute tale. For a night when you’re really struggling, try a longer story.
  • Select a genre. All the stories are meant to distract and relax, but if you have a favorite type of story, choose among fantasy, mystery, a journey, or even soothing non-fiction.
  • Try poetry. Maybe a structured story isn’t right for you. In that case, try a poetry session with peaceful music. The sleepy, dreamy words will set you on the right path.

The stories on BetterSleep are soothing and calming. Avoid books or stories that are scary or otherwise stimulating. A good thriller or page-turner is fun, but it may keep you up longer.

The Benefits of Hearing a Bedtime Story Before Sleeping

How does listening to a story improve sleep? Several factors come together to make this a winning strategy for a better night of sleep:

  • Reading reduces stress, which in turn helps you fall asleep sooner and sleep better.
  • A story is a distraction from the thoughts that trouble you at bedtime. Work issues, family problems, and other things that cause anxiety can keep you up at night, but a story takes your mind somewhere else.
  • The act of reading makes you sleepy. This occurs through the relaxing qualities of the story and because of the sustained focus required to stay on the page and keep up with the story.

Bedtime stories are for adults too. If you struggle to drift off at night, try picking up a book or the BetterSleep app for a good tale. A story can also help if you tend to wake up in the night. Let the soothing story get you back into a sleepy state.

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