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Bathtub meditation ritual to release anxiety

by Charise Rohm Nulsen
Dec 10 • 3 min read

A bathtub meditation session can be one of the ultimate calming experiences for anyone in need of some extra relaxation. Taking a long, hot bath is a surefire way to reduce stress, soothe tight muscles, and wash away the weight of the day. A bath is a blissful way to access a deep sense of calm, and when combined with meditation, doubles its ability to bring more stillness to daily life.

How to prepare for a bathtub meditation

Here are five things you can do to prepare for the best possible bathtub meditation experience:

  • Choose your guided meditation

Get the Bathtime Relaxation Ritual guided meditation ready on your BetterSleep app. This meditation will take you through a self-care ritual that begins just before you enter the bath.

  • Prepare your bath

Fill your bath with warm water. You might choose to add a few drops of calming essential oils to the water such as chamomile or lavender for relaxation. Choosing an oil with a natural fragrance that is pleasing to you will enhance your overall bath experience. You can also use a bath bomb, bubble bath, or another form of aromatherapy if you so choose. The warm water and pleasing scents will soothe your muscles and your busy mind.

  • Prepare the ambiance

Dim the lights or turn them off completely. Lighting candles can provide soft lighting to help unwind and let go of your stress. Just be sure to place your candles safely on a flat, tile surface and away from any towels or toilet paper.

  • Remove distractions

Turn your phone notifications off and let anyone else at home know that you will be needing at least 15 to 30 minutes to yourself without interruption. Scheduling time for yourself and asking for what you need are important aspects of self-care.

  • Maximize your self-care time

Consider what else might feel decadent and pampering during your bathtub meditation time. Wonderful options include applying a healing face mask and slicing fresh cucumbers to soothe your eyes as you close them for meditation. Have a cup of hot herbal tea nearby or a tall glass of cool water filled with freshly cut fruit such as orange or lemon slices.

How to meditate in the bath

In addition to following the guidance of the BetterSleep meditation app, be sure to take a few minutes to center yourself as you adjust to your beautifully enhanced environment. Look around at the soft light and breathe your chosen scents in deeply, then exhale with a sigh through your mouth. Feel the warm water soaking into your pores and stretch your limbs and muscles. You can gently rest your head on a folded towel on the edge of the tub to a position of full comfort before beginning your meditation. Taking a few minutes to center yourself and to take in all that is around you will prepare you to melt into relaxation as you meditate.

When you feel ready to meditate, remind yourself of the healing powers of what you are about to do and honor yourself for taking the time to embrace self-care. Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you relax, find inner peace, and bring much needed stillness and focus. Whether meditation is part of your regular routine or whether you are dipping your toe in for the first time, remind yourself that there is no pressure to perform in any certain way. Any efforts that you put into meditation can only help and enhance your life.

Close your eyes, and take a few deep and cleansing breaths. Allow yourself to focus on one sense as a time. Smell the relaxing fragrance that has filled the room. Continue to breathe as you notice the scent and take it in. Feel the bubbles and warmth of the water. Inhale and exhale as you feel this decadence. Listen to your guided meditation or the soothing nature sounds on your BetterSleep app. You can also choose to notice the silence around you and let it envelope you. By scanning your senses, you will be able to calm your mind and take in the lovely ambiance surrounding you.

Bathtub meditation is a delightful routine to add to your weekly schedule. Whatever you do during this ritual is perfect. You do not have to feel any pressure to create a certain kind of experience. As long as you breathe deeply, redirect busy thoughts to the present, and enjoy your surroundings, you will be helping your body and your mind, and you will achieve a new level of calm.

Author Bio

Charise Rohm Nulsen writes about parenting, education, and living a healthy and natural lifestyle. Charise earned her degree in English and Women’s Studies from Boston College, as well as her graduate degree in English Education from Boston University. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her chasing adventure with her children, reading, hiking, snowboarding, and volunteering.

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