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Improve Your Mood With These 5 Sound Mixes

by BetterSleep
Jul 13 • 3 min read

We know that a good night’s sleep is usually built on stress management and relaxation. However, what you may forget or neglect when setting the tone at bedtime is happiness. Listening to sound mixes that both reduce your anxiety and make you feel happier may help make your dreams of restful sleep come true.

What Are Sound Mixes on BetterSleep?

BetterSleep has an extensive library of sounds and music. You can listen to just one sound, like crashing waves, or mix several to create a unique, relaxing experience. A single sound may suit you some nights, but it can get a little repetitive and even disrupt your sleep if you overdo it.

With sound mixes, you get to listen to a more diverse array of sounds, which feels more natural. You can use the mixes that are already on the app or create one customized to you. The mixer tool lets you turn up the volume on some sounds and turn it down for others to get your mix just right.

BetterSleep recently launched new mix features for you to explore. Smart Mix removes the typical sound loop, which can get repetitive, and creates a more organic listening experience. We’ve also partnered with Utopian Sounds to bring you more instrumental music options.

Here are a few examples of sound mixes to try that will leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and ready for peaceful sleep:

1. A Night Under the Stars

Reminisce about childhood backyard campouts or family trips with this mix. Nostalgia and nature tend to make people happy, so try a mix that evokes both. Start with the Ancestral sound for a soothing connection to ancient music, then add Night and Fire Crackles. Choose a couple of animal sounds, like Wolf or Owl, to round it out.

2. Get Cozy, Get Happy

Nothing beats a comfy night in. Recreate the sounds of coziness with a mix that includes elements like a cat purring with the occasional meow, the sound of a warm bath filling, a fire crackling and the peaceful music of the Sweet Dreams sound.

3. Summer Cool Down

On a hot summer night, sleep can feel far from reach. Get happier with a mix that makes you think of a cold winter day. Start with the Canadian Forest sound to set the mood, then add in some wind rustling dry leaves and the crunch of boots on wet snow.

4. A Day at the Beach

What’s better than a beach day with friends? Recreate a joyful time at the shore with this mix. Begin with the Ocean sound and add in a few others you like: Birds, Fizzy Drink, Ice Cubes, and Waves on Rocks or Slow Waves, depending on your mood.

5. Recreate a Sunny Day.

Sunshine brings happiness. Start with our Sunny Day sound, then add Chirping Birds and Cicadas to make you think of summer. Throw in a gust of wind and the sound of a flowing river to cool off.

These mix ideas should give you a starting point to create soundscapes that will improve your mood. Take inspiration from our suggestions and create your own personalized mixes to help you go to sleep feeling happier and wake up ready to face a new day.

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