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The Brain Unleashed With Binaural Beats

by BetterSleep
May 31 • 4 min read

Did you know that geniuses like Albert Einstein, Mary Shelley, and Salvador Dali attributed their work to the highly creative mind states they accessed?

Imagine being able to write when your mind feels blocked. Or being able to lift your mood when you’re feeling down. Or sleeping soundly the night before an early morning business flight.

If a technology that allowed you to accomplish these activities quickly and safely existed, would you try it? Well, such technology exists, and it’s called binaural beats.

How binaural beats work

When two slightly different frequencies of sound are played into each ear, the brain perceives a fixed beat or frequency. These beats are referred to as binaural beats.

The frequency of sound perceived by the brain is the difference between the two frequencies being played in each ear. For example, a 10 Hz binaural beat is created by playing the frequencies of 210 Hz and 200 Hz in different ears.

The benefits of binaural beats come when the brain responds with synchronized neural activity and changes the brain waves. Certain cognitive functions like sleep can be enhanced or suppressed while listening to certain frequencies.

Your brain waves on binaural beats

Brain wave states affect our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Let’s take a look at each brain wave state and their associated effects.

Delta waves (0.5-3 Hz) are the slowest waves and associated with deep sleep, meditation, and healing. The deeply relaxing delta binaural beats are the perfect accompaniment for sleep.

Theta waves (3-8 Hz) produce many benefits from reducing anxiety to reducing chronic pain. Theta brain waves are associated with dreaming, short-term memory, and a meditative state. Relaxing theta waves are excellent for meditation.

Alpha (8-12 Hz) is the calm state of the conscious brain. The alpha brain waves improve brain function during tasks involving working memory and enhance creativity in some individuals. It’s also perfect to wind down after a long study session and start relaxing.

Beta (12-38 Hz) is the active thinking and waking state. Beta waves are associated with the problem solving, complex thinking, motor skills, excitement, and reasoning of daily life. Beta binaural beats are also shown to improve mood and performance and to improve long-term memory. So if you want to rev up your workout or feel more enthusiastic while working, then beta binaural beats are for you!

If you’re looking to start experimenting with binaural beats, we suggest you try the BetterSleep app where you can enjoy all the binaural beats mentioned above. The application also allows you to mix them with meditations and soothing sounds to create the perfect atmosphere whether you’re looking to sleep, relax or focus.

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How to use binaural beats to get the best results

The best way to use binaural beats is to try different frequencies and pay careful attention to how you feel during and afterwards. It’s also ideal to choose frequencies that best align with the effect you want. It’s important to know that binaural beats are most effective when listening with earphones.

If you want a safe, enjoyable, and efficient method for accessing powerful brain wave states to enhance your life, you can’t skip out on binaural beats!

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