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Opening the Crown Chakra
by BetterSleep
9 min read
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Chakras act as spiritual or energy centers that help the body, mind, and spirit work together in harmony.

The crown chakra is one of the seven chakras that bring balance to an individual’s well-being. It is associated with higher consciousness and spiritual connection. Understanding how your crown chakra can positively influence your health from a spiritual and physical standpoint.

What is the Crown Chakra

Our crown chakra is a spiritual guide and helps us receive intuitive information. When the crown chakra is open, we feel connected to something greater than ourselves and experience a sense of cosmic consciousness.

We can also become more selfless and compassionate as we connect with our higher purpose. However, when the crown chakra is imbalanced, we may feel disconnected from our spirituality.

Functions of the Crown Chakra

Below are some of the functions of the crown chakra, making it essential to keep it well-balanced:

1. Connecting to the Divine Source

The crown chakra is the gateway to our higher consciousness and connection with a spiritual source. This chakra helps us open up to universal wisdom, peace, and understanding from within.

2. Heightened Intuition

When the crown chakra is balanced, we can tap into our sixth sense more easily. We’ll feel more attuned to subtle energies, inner wisdom, and intuitive messages that come our way.

3. Clarity of Thought

When this energy center is balanced, it allows for clear thinking and strong decision-making skills. We can think through complex issues objectively from a place of inner knowing.

4. Spiritual Awakening

When the crown chakra opens, we connect with our true spiritual journey. This connection results in peace, contentment, and joy.

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5. Mental Mastery

The seventh chakra helps us to think beyond our physical limitations and explore the boundaries of our mental capabilities. It allows us to access deeper truths about ourselves and infuses us with the energy to break through our barriers.

Tips to Perform Crown Chakra Energy Healing

Yogic practitioners believe that the chakra of the crown represents the center of our spiritual soul bringing us enlightenment.

Although your inner peace is not necessarily apparent after a crown chakra healing session, you may feel more peaceful and calm. You won’t feel so disconnected from your friends anymore, and instead, you will experience a sense of belonging and interconnection to everything.

Commit yourself to your spiritual practice

The easiest way to begin a new spiritual life at home is by designating an area for your simple crown chakra meditation.

You can create an altar and place candles, books, and incense. You can use whatever you have in the house you think are important and place them there.

Remember that spiritual practices are as varied as humans are. And your spiritual practice is uniquely yours.


Meditation promotes self-awareness and universal consciousness. It is one of the simplest techniques to help restore balance within chakras.

Meditation can help open your chakra and receive divine energy. You can start meditating using a variety of different techniques, including breathing techniques, mantras, and the use of colorful visualizations.

Keep it Clean

Make your environment simple. Excess clutter can be detrimental to psychological well-being. While you don’t need to be a minimalist, you can focus on reducing clutter.

Take a look around your home and make three piles. Cleansing the exterior environment helps to open your heart chakra and solar plexus chakra and helps regenerate the crown chakra.

Practice the power of prayer

Prayer is not just about religion. Prayer is viewed as the key to higher awareness, so the deeper a person prays, the deeper their chakra opens into eternity.

Explore plant medicine

Several kinds of plants provide spiritual guidance to us and give us a direct encounter with the Divine. Plant medicine has tremendous power in opening a cellular crown chakra & purging other energy fields.

Educate yourself

Open your chakras by understanding and getting rid of limiting perspectives. You can learn a lot from books and podcasts about personal development. Learning allows you to develop greater humility and awareness of the world around you and others.

Do a crown chakra visualization

Imagine a pulsating or swirling light in your crown chakra. Feel violet energy clearing all blocks and sluggish energy in your body. Try a violet flames meditation, an excellent tool for boosting your spiritual awareness.

Use crystals

Use crystals to support energy and balance the crown chakra. Alternatively, you can meditate with crystals such as selenite, charoite, labradorite, and amethyst.

Characteristics of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, located at the top of the head, is associated with higher consciousness, spirituality, and enlightenment. Having a balanced crown chakra means having confidence in oneself, inner peace, feeling connected to one’s life purpose, and fully understanding it.

A balanced crown chakra allows for a greater connection to our higher selves, enabling us to become more creative, intuitive, and inspired. By developing this energy center, we can access greater knowledge and insight, leading to discoveries about our true nature.

On a physical level, having an open crown chakra helps improve focus, memory recall, and general mental clarity. We may experience deeper states of relaxation, which can support healing on both physical and emotional levels.

When not in balance, we may experience confusion in decision-making, difficulty concentrating, or feeling stuck in life, lacking clear direction or purposeful goals. Other symptoms include depression, anxiety, or disconnection from ourselves and others.

Symptoms of a Blocked Crown Chakra

Having a blocked crown chakra can lead to feelings of disconnection, confusion, and frustration.

What are the symptoms of a blocked crown chakra? They can include the following:

  • A decreased sense of joy and connection to life
  • Feeling disconnected from others, including family and friends
  • Low self-confidence and difficulty trusting in yourself or others
  • An overly pessimistic outlook on life
  • Anxiety, stress, fearfulness, and overthinking
  • Difficulty speaking your truth or expressing emotion freely
  • Physical issues include headaches, neck tension, sinus congestion, jaw pain, or problems with the immune system.

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Foods for Crown Chakra Balance

You can maintain a well-balanced crown chakra with various fresh, organic, wholesome foods. Fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, carrots, spinach, kale, and cabbage are all excellent choices. These provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals that benefit physical and spiritual health.

Spices such as ginger have cleansing effects on the body that can help promote spiritual growth. Ginger has a calming effect on the mind, which helps clear out mental clutter so we can focus our thoughts on more meaningful things.

A cup of tea is also helpful for balancing the crown chakra as it reduces bloat and improves digestive health.

Nutrient-dense superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, aloe vera juice, and wheatgrass juice are excellent for detoxifying the body at a cellular level – essential for achieving a balanced state in this chakra’s energy flow. Acai berry powder is another powerful superfood that helps energize the body while maintaining balance in this vital energy center of the body.

In addition to these wholesome foods, you may consider adding an array of brightly colored violets. Adding purple-hued plants to your meals is beneficial in aligning your energy centers with higher power sources.

Seven Ways to Activate and Unblock the Crown Chakra

1. Guided Meditation

Most people don’t even know they have a crown chakra, let alone how to open it. This lack of understanding of the crown chakra can lead to feelings of disconnection from the divine and a lack of spiritual awareness.

Opening your crown chakra can be as simple as saying a mantra or using a visualization technique. The BetterSleep guided meditations will help you to connect with your higher self and experience spiritual enlightenment.

You can activate and unblock your crown chakra through daily meditation. The practice helps to create balance within the chakra, allowing energy to flow freely.

2. Breathing Exercises

Slow and deepbreathing exercises are especially beneficial for activating and unblocking the crown chakra. Focus on your breath as it enters and exits your body, allowing you to slow down and relax.

3. Visualization

Visualizing light from the top of your head can help unlock your crown chakra, particularly when combined with breathing exercises or meditation.

4. Mantra Repetition

Repeating mantras related to spiritual enlightenment will help bring more awareness to the crown chakra and prepare it to receive higher energies.

5. Essential Oils

Certain essential oils, such as frankincense and sandalwood, can activate and unblock the crown chakra by stimulating its energy centers.

6. Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature is a powerful way to open up your spiritual side, allowing more energy to flow through the crown chakra.

7. Yoga

Practicing yoga activates and unblocks this energy center, as it helps bring balance into your life from both physical and mental perspectives. It also has the benefit of helping you get in touch with your deeper spirituality, which can help further unlock the crown chakra.

Combining these methods allows you to experience a greater connection to yourself and the world around you. Practicing them will help keep your crown chakra open and balanced for optimal spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Signs of an Underactive Crown Chakra

One of the most common indicators of an underactive crown chakra is a feeling of disconnection from the world around you. You may feel isolated and alone, as if you are floating outside your body.

You may also struggle to find meaning in your life or feel like you are going through the motions without any real purpose.

Other signs of an underactive crown chakra include headaches, migraines, and problems with teeth, bones, and skin. If you are struggling with any of these issues, it may be time to balance your crown chakra.

Signs of an Overactive Crown Chakra

Signs of an overactive crown chakra are often subtle and difficult to detect. However, some of the common symptoms include the following:

  • feelings of cynicism
  • self-destructive tendencies
  • apathy
  • spiritual addiction

People with blocked crown chakras may have difficulty forming meaningful relationships because they cannot relate or empathize with others, leading to feelings of isolation and disconnection.

How Can I Protect My Crown Chakra?

During acupuncture, practitioners must practice chakra-opening exercises. Achieving an excellent mental boundary can prevent negative energies and damage their effects.

Generally, wearing head coverings, like saris or turbans, can protect the skull’s core and contain and protect the energy flowing at its crown. A further method not listed here is utilizing chakra healing stones or crystals.

Why Is My Crown Chakra Tingling?

If your crown tingles or your forehead twitches, you might feel your crown chakra opening. These might be a sign of an overactive cranial chakra. It happens as too much energy enters your head. A more common manifestation of an open crown chakra is headaches and dizziness. After these symptoms, you may experience a change in thought patterns.

What Is the Meaning of the White Crown Chakra

The white crown chakra is the highest spiritual connection and gateway to our higher self. It is associated with a bright and brilliant light, representing our divine connection, truth, understanding, and enlightenment.

White symbolizes purity and clarity of thought, so wearing white during meditation can help ground you spiritually and heighten your energies. White also carries peace, serenity, and harmony vibrations, which can bring balance into any environment.

5 Crown Chakra Yoga Poses that Stimulate Crown Chakra

Practicing yoga can help balance this energy center and prevent crown chakra imbalance. Here are five yoga poses that can help stimulate the crown chakra:

1) Virasana — Hero Pose: This pose helps open up the chest, neck, shoulders, and spine while promoting mental clarity and calmness. Begin by kneeling on the floor with your knees hip-distance apart. If this pose becomes too intense for your lower back, lift a block between your heels for more support.

2) Balasana — Child’s Pose: This pose relaxes the mind and helps to open up the chest and shoulders. Begin by kneeling on your mat with your knees hip-distance apart. Reach forward and lay your torso down, resting between your thighs. Spread your arms out beside you and rest your forehead against the floor.

3) Padmasana — Lotus Pose: Also known as the “throne of meditation,” the lotus pose is a seated posture used for deep relaxation and spiritual enlightenment. Start by sitting comfortably on the floor with both legs crossed in front of you. Make sure to keep the spine straight, allowing for deeper breathwork throughout this pose.

4) Ustrasana — Camel Pose: This pose helps to open up the chest, shoulders, and neck while stimulating the crown chakra. Begin by kneeling on your mat with your knees hip-distance apart. Reach back with both hands and clasp onto your heels as you arch backward into a gentle backbend.

5) Savasana — Corpse Pose: This posture is excellent for calming down the mind and body before meditation or at the end of a yoga flow. Lie comfortably on your back with your arms resting alongside your body and palms facing upwards towards the ceiling. Close your eyes and enjoy this moment of peaceful stillness.

Practicing these postures can help balance blockages in the crown chakra and experience a heightened spiritual connection. Enjoy! Namaste.

Wrap Up

The crown chakra is the seventh and final chakra in the system, located at the top of the head. It’s responsible for our connection to the divine and helps us understand our spiritual nature.

When this chakra is balanced and open, we feel a sense of peace and connectedness.

There are many ways to keep the crown chakra open and balanced. You can try meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy. If you’re looking for something more concrete, you can also learn more about chakra healing and how to specifically target each chakra to bring them back into balance.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the mysterious crown chakra!

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