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Making the Bed: Summer Edition

by BetterSleep
Jun 17 • 4 min read

Summertime means you may have to make some changes to your sleep environment. Cool summer nights don’t exist everywhere, but there are some things you can do to make your room suitable for the weather.

From changing your bedding to making your room the perfect temperature, you can easily enjoy your night’s rest, regardless of what it feels like outside.

How to Keep a Cool Room During the Summer

It’s not abnormal for your body temperature to increase while sleeping. Your sheets, comforter, and mattress can trap heat. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this problem so you can remain cool throughout the night.

Keep your blinds closed.

With sunlight comes more heat. Keeping your blinds closed throughout the day helps cool down your room and your entire home. You can invest in blackout curtains to block more sunlight from coming in.

Adjust your ceiling fan.

You may realize that your ceiling fan is moving hot air around but not getting rid of it. During the summer, adjust your ceiling fan so that it moves counterclockwise. Doing this will improve the air circulation and push the hot air out.

Unplug unnecessary electronics.

No matter the size, electronics will bring extra heat to your room. Unplug anything in your room to avoid excess heat production if you don’t use it while sleeping.

Best Comforters for the Summer

Comforters are plush and comfortable. Although the temperature has increased outside, you don’t have to give up your comfort. Some comforters are perfect for the summertime while still giving you the feeling you enjoy.

Comforter weight

Your comforter weight will help you determine the best season for its usage. Light and medium-weight comforters are the best options if you want to keep cool during the summer, light and medium-weight comforters are the best options. The weight of the comforter is about the fill. You should try staying below the fill power of 600 and only increase it if you sleep with the AC lower than usual.

Breathable fabrics

When choosing a comforter, ensure the fabric allows air to pass through easily. A cotton comforter is an excellent option because it helps keep your body cool. While there are different types of cotton, cotton percale is one of the most popular options for keeping cool.

Linen is another great choice. To keep cool, choose fabrics like cotton and linen made from natural materials.

If you’re a cold sleeper, you can try something heavier. Your bedding is subjective to your environment and body. Find out what works best for you.

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