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How to Find Balance Through Meditation

by BetterSleep
Apr 14 • 4 min read

Finding balance in life is something that most people struggle to achieve. For many, it’s a healthy balance between work and everything else, but balance encompasses much more. Try meditation to find a balance between all aspects of your life, from the physical to the spiritual, from how you spend your time to when you rest.

Why Is Balance Important?

Lacking balance in your life can negatively impact your emotional and physical health. For example, spending too much time at work and not enough time on things that are more meaningful to you can leave you feeling unhappy, anxious, and even depressed.

Failing to take time for self-care or prioritizing exercise and a healthy diet impacts your physical well-being. Neglecting social relationships leaves a hole in your emotional well-being. When all of the things that matter are in greater balance, you experience greater wellness across all areas.

Using Meditation to Prioritize Balance

Meditation can help you create more balance in your life by focusing your attention on specific things or just the present moment. It acts as a break in a busy day, a time to take for yourself to balance and serve as a counterpoint to a hectic schedule, stressful obligations, and serving the needs of others. Try these strategies to use meditation for balance.

Find Your Imbalances

Everyone is imbalanced in their own way. Work-life is tricky for many, but you can get out of sync in other areas. Take some time to reflect on where you have an imbalance and find a meditation to focus on that area of your life.

For instance, a meditation for peace will help if you have a hard time balancing anger and frustration with relaxation. If you struggle with being kind to yourself and are more likely to engage in negative self-talk, try a meditation for self-love. Use a meditation for centering if your spiritual life is lacking and out of balance with the physical and material aspects of life. Always set an intention before each meditation, so you’re focusing on what needs balance.

Schedule Meditation Time

Balance is all about prioritizing certain areas of your life that tend to get ignored. Meditation is a great way to take time for you, but it’s easier said than done. Add meditation to your daily schedule. Even if you only have five minutes to spare, it will make a difference.

Eliminate Distractions

Meditation will only help you restore balance if you can truly focus on it. Reject the idea of multitasking and give yourself a minimum of five minutes of distraction-free time for the practice. Find a comfortable, quiet place where kids, dogs, and email can’t disrupt you.

Don’t Force Your Thoughts

Initially, you’ll notice that your mind races when you try to meditate. You will struggle to quiet those thoughts, and they will wander. It doesn’t help to force anything. You’ll only get frustrated. Let those thoughts flow through you. Recognize them and then let them go. With practice, it becomes easier to quiet the mind.

Meditation is an excellent wellness practice. To get started, try the guided meditations available on BetterSleep. They’re not just about getting more restful sleep, although that is a definite benefit. The hundreds of meditations on the app, with regular practice, can help you work toward the balance you crave.

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