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ASMR Meditation

by BetterSleep
Jun 21 • 4 min read

ASMR has been trending online for a few years now. For those who experience ASMR, it can be a pleasant sensation. It might even have mental health and physical benefits. Adding ASMR to meditation creates a powerful tool for relaxation and better sleep.

About ASMR

An autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a sensory phenomenon that many people experience. Triggered by audio, visual, or touch stimuli, it produces a tingling sensation along the back of the neck and the scalp.

What triggers ASMR varies somewhat by individual, but there are some commonalities. A whispering voice triggers many people who experience ASMR, a light touch like gentle hair brushing or head stroking, tapping sounds, crisp sounds like fall leaves, and slow and repetitive movements.

Are There Benefits of Experiencing ASMR?

If you’re one of the people who gets this response to certain stimuli, you might have noticed some benefits. Many find it enjoyable, pleasant, and relaxing and seek out videos and sounds designed to trigger the response.

The research into how ASMR works and what the benefits could be is limited but growing. A study from 2018 compared responses to ASMR stimuli in two groups. Those who claimed to experience the tingling sensation saw a reduced heart rate and increased skin conductance when exposed to triggers.

The lowered heart rate indicates that the ASMR is relaxing. The change in skin conductance means the participants sweated more. This indicates that ASMR is unique in that it both relaxes and stimulates the body.

Other studies show that people who experience ASMR tend to have higher levels of anxiety. The ASMR effect relaxes them and reduces anxiety.

ASMR could help you sleep better too. While evidence of its effectiveness from studies is limited, researchers have found that people who experience the tingling sensation often seek out ASMR videos to sleep better.

Meditating with ASMR

The research into how ASMR works or what it might do to benefit physical and mental health is currently limited. However, it seems clear that for those who experience it, ASMR is relaxing and pleasurable.

If you experience the tingles, consider using it to your advantage. Meditation is a proven tool for relaxation, stress relief, overall good mental health, and better sleep. Combining the two could increase the benefits. Try these ASMR meditations on BetterSleep to get started:

  • ASMR Whispered Body Scan. A body scan in meditation involves feeling every part of your body and noting each sensation you experience. It’s an effective way to relax and focus on the present moment. In this meditation, you’ll be guided through the scan by a gentle whisper.
  • ASMR Whispered Garden. If you want to be transported from your day and its worries while also experiencing ASMR, try this whispered journey through a soothing garden.
  • ASMR Whispered Stillness. Use this meditation to benefit from ASMR whispers while practicing being still in preparation for better sleep.

ASMR is what you make of it. If you enjoy the sensation and find it relaxing, use it to your advantage. Set up a relaxing ASMR sleep environment, choose a BetterSleep meditation, and drift off into restful sleep.

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