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Your September Calendar for Hypnosis Awareness

by BetterSleep
Sep 1 • 2 min read

This month, print and use our Hypnosis Awareness Calendar to learn more about this approach to meditation and improving sleep. Hypnosis has a bad reputation, but in reality, it is a valid therapeutic tool. More accurately called hypnotherapy, trained therapists use it to help patients change behaviors.

On your own, you can experiment with self-hypnosis, combine it with meditation, and use it as a powerful tool for improving your sleep. We’ll guide you through some of the BetterSleep hypnosis meditations you’ll want to try this month.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy, contrary to popular belief, is not a type of mind control. It is a valid therapy that uses a state of deep relaxation and focus to make the mind more open to suggestion. Therapists use it to help people change their behaviors, for instance, to stop smoking or binge eating.

Hypnosis works by quieting the conscious part of your mind to allow another part of the brain to come forward. It makes you more open to suggestions. There is an element of control and power here, so you should only ever get hypnotherapy from a trained specialist.

Can Hypnosis Help With Sleep?

Among the many things hypnotherapy can do for a patient is treat insomnia. Studies indicate that it is a valid method for improving sleep disorder symptoms for some people. A review of several studies found it could be effective and low-risk.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to a hypnotherapist, or if your sleep symptoms are not severe, you can try self-hypnosis. It is possible to get yourself into a suggestive state. You can also use meditations with elements of hypnosis as a lighter but still helpful version of professional therapy.

Using BetterSleep’s September Hypnosis Calendar

Our printable September calendar is a workbook for getting to know hypnosis. BetterSleep has several meditations with a hypnosis focus that can help you get more quality sleep. Print out the calendar to record your journey experimenting with hypnosis at bedtime. Try your own exercises but also use our suggestions on the calendar to get started:

  • River of Sleep Hypnosis. Dive right into your hypnosis journey with this meditation that lasts for just over an hour. It uses the symbolism and imagery of a river and a journey down it to guide your mind into a relaxed state with focused attention on sleeping more deeply.
  • Mysteries of Stonehenge. If you prefer a story with your bedtime routine, try this hour-long hypnosis meditation to learn about this mysterious monument.
  • Sweet Dreams Hypnosis. Use this hypnosis for those nights when you want to manifest better dreams. It will guide you through focused imagery that promotes pleasant dreaming.
  • Hypnosis for Self-Love. Once you’re more practiced with self-hypnosis, try this short practice. In just under 20 minutes, you’ll drift off to positive thoughts about yourself.

Hypnosis needs greater awareness. It’s not a scary type of mind control but a helpful type of meditative practice. Use our handy calendar to start exploring this type of meditation and see how it impacts your sleep.

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