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What Your Favorite Sleep Position Says About You

by BetterSleep
Apr 29 • 3 min read

Research into how sleep position correlates with personality is currently limited. However, some surveys do shed light on the subject. You spend nearly a third of your life sleeping, and how you position yourself matters. How you sleep affects your health, and it can also say something about you as a person.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is by far the most common position. It can be further broken down to include the following: fetal position, with the knees pulled up high; yearning, with the arms stretched out in front; and the log, with both arms down at the sides.

The fetal position is the most common sleeping position. People who sleep in the fetal position tend to be sensitive, shy, and introverted. If you sleep in the yearning position, you may be more open-minded, yet cynical. Log sleepers, on the other hand, are rare, and are generally easy-going, trusting, and social.

Side sleepers pro & cons

In terms of health, side sleeping is often considered best. It reduces snoring, improves digestion, and provides the best spinal alignment. Side sleeping can relieve lower back pain, although it may not be best if you have neck pain. Sleeping on your right side can also worsen acid reflux. If you have this condition, try sleeping on your left side. Sleeping on your left side places the esophagus above the stomach so that it’s more difficult for acid to rise.

Back Sleepers

Back sleeping is the next most common position, with the following variations: the soldier position, with your arms down at your sides; and the starfish, where your arms are up above your head, either on or near the pillow. Soldier sleepers tend to be reserved and quiet. They hold people to high standards. Starfish sleepers are more giving and selfless.

Back sleepers pro & cons

Sleeping on your back is a bad idea if you snore or have sleep apnea. You may also experience lower back pain if you sleep this way because it does not allow the spine to curve naturally. Try placing a small pillow under the knees. This can help relieve the stress on your back while sleeping. If you are pregnant, be aware that sleeping on your back can cause complications, so consult your doctor if this is your normal sleeping position.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the least common sleep position, however some people prefer it. Sleeping on your stomach can also be called the freefall position because you tend to look like you’re falling like a skydiver, with arms out and up toward the pillow. As a stomach sleeper, you may be bold, outspoken, and loud, but you also may not take criticism well.

Because you must turn your head to the side to breathe, the main issue with stomach sleeping is neck pain. Sleeping with your stomach down on the bed can also cause lower back pain because it causes your spine to dip into the mattress. A firmer mattress is best if you like this position.

As you drift off to sleep, think about how you position your body. Does it say something about you? Is there room for improvement? Ultimately, it’s best to sleep in whatever position is most comfortable for you, but do keep your physical health in mind. If you have trouble falling asleep, crawl into bed, relax your mind and body, then try some of the exercises and meditations on BetterSleep.

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