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What is the Third Eye Chakra, and How Can I Meditate to Open It
by BetterSleep
Mar 15 2022 • 8 min read
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The seven chakras are energy centers in the body. Healing energy, known as prana, runs through them to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Each chakra has a different purpose and, if blocked, can cause both physiological and psychological symptoms. Get to know your third eye chakra and how to meditate to open it and embrace spiritual well-being.

Why is the Pineal Gland Known as the Third Eye?

There are a few reasons why the pineal gland is commonly called the third eye. One thought is that it’s located deep in the center of the head, directly parallel to the middle of the eyebrows, where the third eye chakra sits.

It also links light, circadian rhythm, and melatonin production. The pineal gland is often called the ‘seat of the soul’ because it was thought to be the only midline structure that is single and mobile.

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

Also known as the Ajna chakra and the sixth of the seven chakras, the third eye is located between the eyebrows. It is one of the spiritual chakras and a center for intuition. Physically, the Ajna chakra controls the eyes, the lower part of the brain, and the pineal and pituitary glands.

The third eye chakra is represented by a dark blue or purple color, and it’s associated with light. The best yoga poses to open the third eye are the child’s pose, eagle pose, and dolphin pose.

What Other Chakras Are There?

There are seven main chakras, and the third eye is the sixth chakra. In order, they include:

  1. Root Chakra

Also known as the Muladhara, it’s represented by the color red. It’s located at the base of the spine and relates to the foundation of life. Opening this chakra helps you stay grounded and face challenges confidently.

  1. Sacral Chakra

Otherwise known as the Swadhistana, it’s represented by the color orange. Based in your lower abdomen, this chakra relates to sexual and creative energy, plus it helps us work out our emotions and the feelings of others.

  1. Solar Plexus Chakra

Also known as the Manipura, it’s represented by the color yellow. Based in your upper abdomen, this chakra relates to self-esteem, confidence, and how well we control our lives. Some say that this chakra is at work when you feel butterflies in the stomach.

  1. Heart Chakra

This is otherwise known as the Anahat chakra, and it connects your upper and lower chakras. Located in the center of the chest, it’s green in color.

The heart chakra plays a significant role in our ability to love ourselves and others. When this chakra is open, we find it easy to show compassion and empathy.

  1. Throat Chakra

Often referred to as the Vishuddha, this chakra is located in the throat and is represented by a light blue or turquoise green color. It controls our communication abilities, giving voice to the heart and allowing thoughts to be expressed clearly when open.

  1. Third Eye Chakra

As described above.

  1. Crown Chakra

Also known as the Sahasrara, this is the highest chakra on top of your head. Represented by the color violet or white, accessing this chakra is hard to achieve. But, if you manage it, you can enjoy a deep spiritual connection to yourself and a higher state of consciousness.

Identifying a Third Eye Chakra Blockage

A blocked chakra doesn’t allow the free flow of prana. The result is a series of symptoms that might manifest as physical, emotional, or spiritual. A blocked third eye manifests in several ways:

  • Confusion and uncertainty
  • Lack of purpose
  • Cynicism or a pessimistic outlook
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Problems with vision or hearing

What Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens?

As the seat of the intuition, an open third eye chakra taps into this spiritual ability. Expect greater mental clarity, significant insights, enhanced creativity, and more confidence in your decisions.

Third eye chakra healing can also reduce anxiety and depression and open you to a higher level of consciousness. The four main realizations and benefits of opening the third eye include:

We Become Aware of Our Energy Center

After the third eye awakening, we perceive energy centers that our physical eyes cannot feel. This might include the emotions, thoughts, and intentions of people, plants, animals, and even inanimate objects around us.

This helps you understand that you’re connected to everything around you at a vibrational level and that you have the power to change your energy and the energy of others.

We Build a Stronger Intuition and Deeper Realization

We are more than our bodies, minds, and emotions. Third-eye meditation builds a deeper realization of inner knowing that we are not just our experiences but a witness of experiences.

This helps us to remain calm during whatever life throws at us in day-to-day life. For, whatever is happening will pass, and suffering is only temporary.

We Access a Higher Consciousness

Opening the third eye makes spirit guides, guardian angels, Jesus, Buddha, and deities directly accessible. With a clear intuition and intention, we can ask these helpers to guide us in real life.

We Build a Spiritual Connection to Ourselves

When the third eye is open, we realize that everything we need and crave is already inside of us. External sources of love and joy are only temporary

Peace, love, and joy are abundant inside all of us. Third eye opening guides you away from always wanting more and reminds you that you have everything you need.

What is Third Eye Meditation?

Third-eye meditation is a way to connect with your sixth sense and inner self. The third eye can often stay dormant or closed; this is where meditation can help. Meditation is a way to activate your third eye and open yourself up to all the benefits this brings.

Is it Possible to Open the Third Eye Without Meditation?

Yes, there is more than one way to open your third eye. If meditation isn’t for you, try out these simple techniques:

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are often used to help people deal with anxiety, fatigue, and asthma in children. Research has also shown that breathing techniques can help with stress, anger issues, migraines, and hypertension.

Holotropic breathwork is a new age term for breathing work that could help you open your third eye. It first came about in the 1970s and involves quickening and controlling your breathing patterns to achieve a desired emotional, mental, and physical state.

Intuitive Movement

Listening to your body while physically moving is another way to activate your third eye. Your body is always sending you messages, whether you choose to listen or not.

Start to listen to what your body wants and needs without judgment. Being curious and compassionate can heal imbalances and pain and move through blocks.

Use Essential Oils

Each essential oil has a different effect on each chakra. It’s thought that white sage, pine, lavender, and sandalwood can help to awaken the third eye.

Add a few drops to your bath or massage oil. Or invest in a diffuser that works with essential oils so you can enjoy chill time surrounded by wonderful aromas.

Try Sound Healing

Research has shown that sound healing has the power to reduce pain and anxiety and improve overall well-being. Concerning chakras, the third eye has a frequency that it responds to best.

Start a Dream Journal

Most people forget their dreams as soon as they wake up. However, starting a dream journal could be the key to remembering these dreams and third eye activation.

Some people believe that dreams have an important significance and may even have a spiritual meaning. Dream journals work wonders, allowing you to get them down in print and see the bigger picture.

How Do You Meditate and Open Your Third Eye?

Third eye meditation is an important and effective way to unblock this chakra. You can use any meditation while focusing on the area of your third eye to try to open it. Focus on the space between your eyes and picture a glowing, powerful, indigo light radiating from that spot as you meditate.

Try using third eye chakra affirmations or mantras when meditating to open it and balance energy flow. Repeat these phrases to help open the third eye during meditations:

  • I trust my intuition
  • I am wise and intuitive
  • I know my inner guide
  • I know my life’s purpose
  • I am open to learning from life’s experiences
  • I have a vivid and powerful imagination
  • I am connected to the spiritual universe
  • I am connected to my own higher power

When meditating on these mantras, focus on your third eye and repeat them as you picture the glowing indigo light around you.

Best Types of Meditation Third Eye Opening

Three types of meditation offer third eye activation. These include:

Mindfulness Meditation

This is a meditation technique that teaches you to put your concentration on the moment. It’s not about stopping thoughts altogether but learning to simply observe, breathe and bring your attention back to the now.

Regular practice reduces anxiety and stress and improves memory, attention, and empathy.

To get started, you need to:

  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Play some soothing sounds or enjoy quiet if that suits you
  • Dim the lights or sit in natural light
  • Have your body upright and shoulders relaxed
  • Slowly close your eyes and take a deep breath
  • Continue to breathe slowly and notice how your chest rises and falls
  • When your mind wanders, bring attention back to your breath
  • Simply let the thoughts flow and observe them without judgment, always bringing your focus back to your breathing
  • Do this for 5 - 30 minutes, depending on your experience
  • When finished, slowly open your eyes and bring your concentration back to your surroundings

Transcendental Meditation

This type of meditation creates a state of relaxed awareness and more focus by teaching you to avoid distracting thoughts. With regular practice, you’ll be free of mental boundaries and reach a heightened conscious state.

You need to work with a qualified meditation teacher to gain all the benefits from this practice. This is so you fully grasp the technique through step-by-step instructions.

Holotropic Breathwork

During holotropic breathwork, you’re encouraged to breathe rapidly to push yourself into an altered state. Once you reach this state, it’s believed that you gain a deeper sense of yourself. A holotropic breathwork session is usually practiced in a group session which goes like this:

  • You are given a partner, one the breather and one the sitter
  • The sitter is watching over the breather while they practice ensuring they’re safe
  • A meditation teacher guides the session. Breathers are encouraged to close their eyes and start breathing faster, deeper, and evenly
  • The breather is laid down on a mat which helps them to focus on their breath and move freely if needed
  • Rhythmic music is played that encourages the breather to enter a state of altered consciousness
  • Sessions can last for 2 -3 hours and are open-ended. This is so each person can go on their journey of self-discovery and find out exactly what it means for them
  • After the session ends, participants are encouraged to discuss their experiences and draw mandalas to show how they felt. Holotropic breathwork is used to address the most important issues in someone’s life

How to Tell if Your Third Eye is Open?

Every person will experience different symptoms when their third eye is open. But commonly reported feelings include:

  • A tingle or buzzing feeling in the forehead
  • Migraines increased in frequency. This can happen when the third eye is initially adjusting
  • Suddenly seeing life with clarity
  • A state of bliss or unconditional love
  • Intuition and wisdom seem stronger
  • Increased ability to make decisions and think for yourself

Using Guided Meditations to Open the Third Eye

If you’re new to the practice, meditating can seem overwhelming. Start withguided meditations to begin a regular practice. Get into meditating daily, and then add your third eye mantras and affirmations.

As you meditate, whether through a guided session or not, think about your spiritual center. Consider your intuition and imagination and put your trust in them. Thoughts like these will eventually begin to open your third eye and help balance your physical and spiritual wellness.

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