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A Full Moon Meditation for the Strawberry Moon of June 24th

by BetterSleep
Jun 25 • 2 min read

Full moon meditations help you focus on the culmination of a project or celebrate a goal you’ve accomplished. Many people see the endpoint of the lunar cycle as a period of fulfillment, where you can appreciate things falling into place or coming together. This month, use the full moon, which arrives on June 24th, to meditate on what you’ve achieved.

Why Strawberry Moon?

Traditional names for full moons were used to track the changing seasons. Different Indigenous tribes had their own names for the full moons, but there was also a lot of overlap. One of the most common names for June’s full moon is the Strawberry Moon, evoking the time of year when berries ripen. Other names include:

  • Berries Ripen Moon
  • Birth Moon
  • Blooming Moon
  • Egg Laying Moon
  • Hatching Moon
  • Green Corn Moon
  • Hot Moon

The Meaning of the Strawberry Moon

The many names for the June full moon all illustrate the abundance of the season. This is a period of growth and plenty, where birds lay their eggs, flowers bloom and berries ripen. Most people are finally enjoying some hot weather, and farmers’ markets are filling up with strawberries, greens, radishes, and other early-summer fruits and vegetables.

While many of our full moon names are based on those of First Nations tribes, European cultures also named the full moons. For example, June’s full moon is often referred to as the Mead or Honey Moon, as this was the time of year to collect honey and make mead. This may be the origin of the term “honeymoon’, as many people get married at the beginning of summer.

Meditating on the Strawberry Moon

Any full moon is a time of energy. Many people believe that meditation is a great way of harnessing that energy. Focus on what means the most to you: abundance and plenty, new birth and growth, the ripening of summer, or the culmination of a goal or project.

If possible, find a spot where you can sit in the light of the moon to help you focus on its energy. Feel the power of that light as you concentrate on your mantra, breathing or chosen focus.

Check out the BetterSleep app for inspiration or a guided session. Choose what speaks to you most as you reflect on the sweetness of the full Strawberry Moon.

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