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Myth or Fact: Sleeping in Front of a Mirror

by BetterSleep
May 19 • 4 min read

You may have heard that sleeping in front of a mirror is bad luck or that they act as a portal into another dimension. Whatever the case may be, these concepts may have frightened you, or left you questioning: “is it actually bad to sleep in front of a mirror?”

In today’s article, we’ll be diving deep into the question of why you can’t sleep in front of a mirror. Keep reading to learn whether this is a myth, or if it’s factual and if there’s scientific evidence to back it up!

Where does it originate from?

The notion that you’re not supposed to sleep in front of a mirror comes from feng shui. Feng shui is an old Chinese art that involves arranging your house, objects, and living space in certain ways to better balance your life.

There are superstitions that claim sleeping with a mirror in the bedroom is a bad thing to do. Much of this has to do with the core concept that mirrors are believed to be portals to other dimensions, it’s also said that having a mirror in your bedroom doubles the type of luck you have.

Doubling your luck could be a good thing if things seem to be going your way as of late, but if misfortune has struck your life in many ways, it could be a bad thing. It’s believed that having a mirror in front of your bed doubles your luck or misfortune, depending on what you’re experiencing at the moment

It’s thought that it can result in insomnia and even lead to nightmares. The belief is the mirror bounces energy and doubles it, virtually interrupting the peacefulness within the bedroom.

And as for nightmares that may occur, many believe that when we sleep our spirit leaves our body. When this happens and our spirit sees our reflection in the mirror it becomes startled and it leads to nightmares in our sleep.

Does it really affect sleep?

While there are many superstitions about how having a mirror in front of your bed could affect your sleep, you might be wondering if there are practical ways that it does.

Well for starters, you could scare yourself from time to time when you sleep with a mirror in front of your bed. Awakening in the morning without much sense of reality and suddenly seeing your reflection staring back at you could startle you.

Even the small movements like the breeze, cat, or small bug might leave you feeling distressed when you see it in the mirror.

A mirror can also reflect the sun as well as sound. As the sun rises and shines through your window, reflecting in the mirror, it could cause disruption in your sleep. This might be a good reason for covering your mirrors at night.

And as for noise reflection, certain noises might project and make it seem as if they’re coming directly from your mirror.

Bottom line - is it true?

In saying all this, there isn’t any science or studies that back any of it up. While it very well could interrupt your sleep patterns because of aspects like the reflection of the sun, the superstitious claims don’t have any supporting evidence.

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