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Morning Meditation to Help You Sleep Better

by Relax Melodies
Sep 14 • 1 min read

Everything you do throughout the day impacts how you sleep at night. For better quality sleep, start with a healthy morning routine. Meditation first thing sets the tone for the day, calms anxiety, and sets you up to manage stress. It prepares you for restful sleep later.

The Sleep Benefits of Early Meditation

Meditation is a proven stress-buster that also improves sleep, according to studies. Meditating regularly, whenever you can, is better than not practicing medication when it comes to sleep. However, there are many reasons to fit it in as soon as you wake up each morning:

Create a habit

Meditating at any time of day is better than not doing it at all. If you leave it until later in the day, it’s easier to justify skipping it. By starting each day with five to ten minutes of meditation, you’re more likely to turn it into a daily habit.

Start the day off right.

A morning routine that includes focusing on relaxation and good mental health, sets you up for success all day. It will help you cope with the coming stressors of the day. Like a physical workout in the morning, a little meditation gets your brain prepped for the day ahead.

Break the anxiety-insomnia cycle.

Difficulty sleeping can be triggered by anxiety, but it also creates anxiety. Meditating in the morning is an immediate way to target and eliminate anxiety in your day. It will prepare you to manage anxiety that comes on as bedtime approaches.

Improve energy and focus.

Meditating in the morning focuses and energizes the mind. You’ll be more productive during the day, which means fewer things to worry about when it’s time to sleep.

Continue to Beat Stress All Day

With morning meditations, you have set yourself up for a more energized, focused, and relaxed day. You’ve taken the first step to minimize the impact of stress on your mental health and sleep.

If you don’t continue to cope with stress throughout the day, the good work you did in morning meditation will be wasted. Take steps to continue the mindfulness of your morning practice and carry it through your day:

  • Spend just a minute or two meditating or deep breathing when you can. Lunch or work breaks are great times for this.
  • Make time for exercise. It’s good for the body and mind and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Keep relaxing scents around you while you work.
  • Keep a journal with you and write down what causes stress as it happens.
  • Eat lunch with friends and co-workers for some social time.
  • Switch out caffeinated drinks for water or herbal tea.
  • Face challenges head on, taking control of difficult situations instead of being passive.

The more you can minimize stress from morning to night, the better you will sleep. Start the day with meditation, make it a habit, and you’ll soon feel the difference in how you feel and sleep.

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