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Mindful Movement Meditation

by BetterSleep
Jul 13 • 4 min read

Mindful movement has many benefits for healthy adults, such as lowering stress levels, strengthening the mind-body connection, and improving attention.

For those with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), it can help immensely to quell anxiety, release stress and stay focused for longer.

Mindful movement simply means focusing your attention on the movements of your body and breathing. For example, you could notice how the weight feels in your feet when you walk or how your body feels during a yoga pose.

Benefits of Mindful Movement

There are many reasons to try mindful movement. While most mindful practices are done in stillness, this is not the only way. A 2018 study on mindful movement found it to have great benefits on mood, helping to lower stress and anxiety. The many benefits of mindful movement include:

  • Improve Low Moods. If you’re feeling low, mindful movement has been shown in a study to lessen the feelings of anxiety and depression. The research stated that it was at least as effective as different types of exercise to lift spirits when feeling blue.
  • Increase Focus and Attention. Life moves fast. It might pass you by if you don’t focus and appreciate the moment! Mindful movement is a chance to slow down and focus on what is happening around you.
  • Improved Sleep and Relaxation. If you’re constantly stressed and anxious, getting a good night’s sleep can be hard. Meditative movement has been shown to help people fall asleep faster and get better sleep quality.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels. Stress and anxiety can greatly impact every area of our lives. A study by Penn State found that when students combined mindfulness with activity, their stress and anxiety levels dropped significantly.

What is Mindful Movement Meditation?

Mindful movement activities require you to be present in the moment and notice what is going on around you. During mindful movement meditation, the aim is to absorb yourself completely in a meditative state.

While this might be difficult in the beginning with all the distractions around you, the key to success is practice. A simple way to get started is to listen to a guided meditation on the BetterSleep app while walking.

As you move forward, listen to the audio intently, focusing on your breathing and how your body feels in the moment.

Mindful movement meditation is for anyone who wants to strengthen focus, curb anxiety, sleep better and lower stress levels. All you need to get started is a quiet space with room to walk, headphones, and a BetterSleep guided meditation. Set aside time each day to practice and start feeling the many benefits!

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