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Meditations for Letting Go of Your Day

by BetterSleep
Jun 17 • 4 min read

Meditation is a powerful tool for shoring mental health and improving physical health. Among the many benefits of meditation are lowered stress, improved balance in your life, and improved sleep. If you are someone who struggles to let go of the stress, setbacks, mistakes, and events of the day, try meditation before bed to find inner calm and better sleep.

What’s So Important About Letting Go?

It is easy to dwell on daily stresses and complex events, but it isn’t beneficial. No matter how much you go over that mistake you made at work earlier; you can’t reverse it or turn back time. Reflection can be positive for growth, but holding onto it for too long can increase stress, negatively impact your sleep, and cause emotional distress.

Meditations to Try

Meditating is helpful for releasing the day’s tension, thoughts, and stress. It’s a tool for gaining more control over your mind and focusing on the present moment, which will help you let go. Try these after work or before bed to improve your ability to release the trials of the day:

Letting Go of Your Day This is the ultimate meditation for releasing the stress of the day. If you have a hard time turning your thoughts from the day’s events, this meditation will help you focus on breathing. Imagine the challenges and setbacks leaving your mind and body.

Quieting Your Mind Your mind can be a noisy place at the end of the day. This ten-minute calming meditation will help you become more aware of your body to turn down the volume of your thoughts. You’ll practice identifying your thoughts and visualize releasing them as clouds in the sky.

Deep Body Relaxation You carry the stress of the day in your body and your mind. Try this meditation that helps you relax every part of you. It’s a great way to release the tension before bed.

Self-compassion for sleep. It’s always harder to let go of the day if you feel like you messed up or made big mistakes. This meditation will guide you through the process of being kinder to yourself so that you can drift off to sleep, feeling better about the day and your efforts.

SOS De-stress Meditation Re-center yourself after a stressful day with this rescue meditation. You’ll breathe deeply and focus on the calmness at your center.

Glowing Compassion. When other people make your day more complicated, it’s natural to feel anger and resentment, but it’s also damaging. Release these feelings with this guided meditation for developing compassion. It will help you empathize with the people you encounter throughout the day and let go of any bad feelings you have toward them.

Surrender to Sleep Use the blue light visualization exercise in this meditation to let go of daily stress and give your mind over to sleep.

Meditation is an excellent strategy for creating balance in your life, a concept many people find difficult. Try these meditations to let go of your work day so that you can fully embrace your life outside of work.

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