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Meditation in Schools

by BetterSleep
Jun 30 • 4 min read

With academic pressure starting as early as kindergarten, kids are getting more stressed and even starting to develop anxiety disorders between 13-18 years of age.

Stress at this age can harm memory, learning, behavior, mental health, and physical health. When transitioning from middle school to high school, the pressure continues to rise with exams and the need to get good grades.

It has never been more important to support school-aged children and help them cope with the stresses of school and daily life. One of the best ways to support young minds is through meditation and mindfulness activities.

Benefits of Meditation for Teens

Meditation offers a huge range of benefits for the mind and body. Regular practice can help school-aged kids reduce stress, among other things, such as:

  • Relax the mind. Distracting thoughts are a source of stress for kids at school. Meditation helps to calm busy minds and improve mental clarity to focus on current tasks.
  • Support emotional stability. It’s common for kids to struggle emotionally while their minds and bodies develop. Meditation practice teaches them to cope with their emotions, so they’re not overwhelmed with strong feelings.
  • Promote healthy sleep habits. Television, smartphones, social media and exam pressure can affect young sleep patterns. Guided meditation at bedtime, shows them how to slow down and prepare for sleep.

Mindfulness Activities for Teens

Mindfulness activities for teens help them become more aware of thoughts and feelings. It also helps to improve focus so they can get their homework done and perform better in exams. Here are a few mindfulness activities that can be done alone or in a group.

  1. Meditation for Teens

Start with a simple 5-minute meditation:

  • Ask your teen to close their eyes and start to focus on their breathing
  • If worrisome thoughts come into their head, let them know that this will pass
  • Talk your child through scanning their own body, noticing how each part feels and how to breathe through it
  • Ask them to separate themselves from their emotions. Tell them to notice the rise and fall of their chest and how the air feels going in and out of their nostrils
  • Talk to your teen about noticing thoughts without judgment. Encourage them to always return their attention back to breathing
  1. Write in a Journal

Journaling has been proven to enhance mental health, reduce stress and manage anxiety. Get your teen a blank notebook, or ask them to write on a blank Word document online. Encourage them to set time aside each day to write in their journal and review their thoughts at the end of each week.

  1. Mindfulness Coloring

Mindful coloring helps teens to bring awareness to the present moment. It encourages focus and allows time to reflect on feelings and what has happened in that day.

  1. Mindfulness Dancing

Not all mindful activities have to be slow! Get your teen and their friends up dancing and encourage them to focus on how their body reacts to the different beats. When the music finishes, sit down and ask each teen how they felt about the music.

Life for a teenager can be stressful. Introduce them to mindfulness meditation with the BetterSleep app so they can sleep better, study better and feel better.

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