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Leave 2020 Behind With These New Year’s Meditations

by BetterSleep
Dec 31 • 4 min read

If you can only set 1 positive resolution for 2021, make it a regular meditation practice. Meditation is both relaxing and energizing, and offers a fresh start after the trials and tribulations of 2020. Meditation promotes good mental health and better sleep. We need all of these benefits to start next year off right.

The Power of a Fresh Start

No one has been left unimpacted by the events of the previous year. From the pandemic to social and political upheavals, we have all felt the weight of stress and tension of current events. You may have also experienced personal struggles this year, like getting sick, losing loved ones, or losing a job.

New Year’s Eve is known as a time to party, but limited gatherings this year mean it will be a very different experience for many. This New Year’s Eve presents a unique opportunity to plan a fresh start for next year. Instead of partying, you can use this time to focus on a healthy new outlook for 2021.

Research shows that a fresh start is a shift in attitudes that helps people achieve their goals. The key to an effective fresh start is to focus on past negative outcomes and what you can do to change them in the future.

How Meditation Supports Fresh Starts

Meditation, especially mindfulness meditation, is about focusing on the present moment and quieting distractions. Many people find meditation daunting initially and have great difficulty staying focused for more than a minute or two.

The great thing about meditation is that it is made for starting over. Get distracted? Stop for a minute and try again. This is a lesson not just for the practice of meditation but for life in general. You can always start again. There is hope in this, which is perfect for ringing in 2021.

Using Meditation to Round Out 2020

Any meditation you try will be beneficial, but try to focus on those that promote new beginnings, good intentions, and relaxation. At the end of an intense year, these types of meditations will help you face the coming months with greater control and a positive attitude.

BetterSleep has several meditations that support these areas of focus and are great for making a fresh start. If you are looking for a place to start, try the morning meditations. Do these on the first day one of the new year to start 2021 with a healthy frame of mind.

Another great introduction to meditation is 7 Day Journey into Mindfulness series. This program will help you to establish your meditation practice for the coming year. Stress relief meditations like “Sleep Meditation for Covidsomnia” and “Meditation for Trauma” were specifically developed for managing the emotions of 2020. These meditations will help you put to rest the anxiety, stress, and worries of the past, and they’re great for bedtime to help you get more restful and restorative sleep.

However you approach meditation at the end of the year, making it a regular practice is the most important factor. Ending the year in a better frame of mind, beginning 2021 with a more positive attitude, and continuing to meditate every day will keep the momentum for a great year ahead!

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