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A Full Moon Meditation for the Buck Moon of July 23rd

by BetterSleep
Jul 27 • 2 min read

A full moon is an opportunity to harness lunar energy for an especially powerful meditation. This month’s full moon is called the Buck Moon and it arrives on July 23. Use this chance to meditate on anything you want, but consider how the full moon is connected to completion and culmination.

The Buck Moon

Ancient names for the full moons tend to describe natural phenomena. Indigenous tribes and other cultures used the full moon to track the year’s progress, mark seasonal changes and engage in activities and chores at the right times.

Several cultures call July’s full moon the Buck Moon. Male deer, known as bucks, grow a new set of antlers each year, shedding them in winter and early spring. July is when the new antlers are in full growth. The Anglo-Saxons of Europe called this moon the Hay Moon because it arrived during the time they harvested grass to make hay. Various Indigenous tribes have other equally seasonal names for the July full moon:

  • Feather Molting Moon
  • Salmon Moon
  • Berry Moon
  • Ripe Corn Moon
  • Raspberry Moon
  • Thunder Moon

All these names describe what happens in nature at this time of year. July is the peak of summer, when berries and corn ripen, bucks grow antlers and thunderstorms are common.

How to Meditate for the July Full Moon

Take inspiration from seasonal events and characteristics for your Buck Moon meditation. For instance, the idea of a buck regrowing antlers can help you reflect on how you’ve grown over the past year. In what ways do you feel renewed?

Every full moon is a chance to meditate on the culmination of a project or a set of goals. Full moons represent completeness. This is especially true in July as certain crops begin to ripen and become full. This is also a great time to focus on the happiness of summer. The middle of summer is when people take vacations, kids are off school, the days and evenings are warm, and we’re outdoors more often. Try a joyful meditation to celebrate, or a gratitude meditation to reflect on the gifts of the season.

You may find it useful to try a guided meditation. You can find plenty online and BetterSleep also has many great options. Try the Summer Meadow and Beachside Visualizations to celebrate the season, or Ara’s Moon Reflections for a celestial practice. These and many others will guide you through a thoughtful, relaxing and joyful meditation for better sleep and lower stress.

Many people like to meditate in view of the full moon. Look for a quiet, comfortable spot where you can see the full moon in the sky. Sit outside if you can do so without significant distractions. Otherwise, sit by a window. As you meditate in the light of the moon, feel its power and significance, letting it wash over you.

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