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A Full Moon Meditation for January 28th, 2021 | BetterSleep

by BetterSleep
Jan 26 • 2 min read

The upcoming full moon of January 28th is known as the Wolf Moon.Take advantage of this time to tap into this winter moon’s energy with a special meditation. Many people believe that the full moon is more energetic and spiritual than at other times of the month. Full moon meditations bring opportunities to fully harness and connect with this unique energy.

What Is a Full Moon Meditation?

A full moon meditation is simply a meditation that is done during the time of a full moon. Many people believe the full moon is a period of increased energy, while also being related to fruition, the culmination of a project, goal, or intention.

People have been meditating on the full moon since ancient times, and many believe there are specific benefits:

  • A greater spiritual experience
  • A deeper sense of purification
  • A greater manifestation of your intentions
  • An increased recharging of the body and mind

The most important thing to do when preparing for a full moon meditation is to set an intention. Take the time to reflect and decide what this meditation means to you, and what it can bring to your wellness.

The Significance of the Wolf Moon of January

January’s full moon is historically known as the Wolf Moon, likely because people once believed that wolves howled more in the middle of winter. While that may not be true, wolves are certainly expressive animals, using howling and other sounds to communicate with each other. Wolves are also known to be resourceful and to thrive during the lean winter months.

As the first full moon of the year, the January Wolf Moon is a chance to reflect on new beginnings. You can also use this meditation as a way to connect with the wolf’s qualities. Think about expression, communication, and resourcefulness and ways you can bring these traits into your own life.

How to Do a Full Moon Meditation

Take your inspiration from the wolf and set an intention for your full moon meditation. Consider the fact that a full moon represents something coming to fruition. What have you accomplished this month? How does this time represent the culmination of a project, an idea, or a spiritual practice?

Find a place to meditate where you can see the light of the moon and focus on its energy without distractions. Make sure that you are comfortable and that you have quiet for your meditation. As you meditate, picture the light of the full moon, transferring the power of its light to you. Imagine that the light is purifying your mind and body.

You do not have to choose a specific meditation for a full moon. Use any meditation you like or pick a guided session on BetterSleep. Try Ara’s Cosmic Relaxation, Soothing Savannah Hypnosis, or the Tropical Moonlight Visualization. These and others will guide you through a relaxing, restorative, and energizing full moon meditation.

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