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Introducing BetterSleep: A Whole New Way to Sleep Better and Feel Better

by BetterSleep
Nov 16 • 3 min read

We’re excited to announce that Relax Melodies has become BetterSleep. To mark this milestone, we’re integrating several new features into the app with version 20.0, our most ambitious release yet. This update will combine innovative technology with great content to meet each sleeper’s unique needs. Here’s the full rundown:

Our New Name, Look and Logo

BetterSleep is more than just a name, it’s a commitment to our mission. Relax Melodies was a great name for an app focused on calming sounds and music. Over the years, we’ve grown to become a comprehensive toolkit for sleep. Our new name better reflects this focus, which will help people find us more easily so they can start improving their sleep faster.

We’re updating our logo, typography and color scheme along with our name. Our goal was to give the app a visual refresh and create an optimized experience for great rest. However, the overall relaxing ambiance of the app interface will be the same one you know and love.

Our team spent months designing a logo that best represents our new identity as BetterSleep, while still preserving Relax Melodies’ heritage. Aesthetically, we were aiming for a distinct design with simple shapes and clear lines. The four main elements of the logo, the plant, moon, sky and stars, represent our focus on the soothing qualities of nature, while the full moon references the BetterSleep logo and speaks to our history.

Our Sleep Tracker Will Help You Become Your Own Sleep Expert

In order to better your sleep, you need to first understand it. That’s why we created our tracker. This tool doesn’t only collect your sleep data— it proposes actionable tips and resources to help you make life-changing improvements.

The tracker reports on your sleep debt, the difference between the amount of sleep you need biologically, and the amount you’re actually getting. It recommends an ideal bedtime based on your levels of melatonin, the chemical messenger that tells your body it’s time to sleep in the evening. Our tracker also integrates with Apple Health sleep data to display your sleep history, provide you with useful insights, and present personalized content recommendations.

Chronotypes: The Animals of Sleep

Did you know that different people have different internal clocks, depending on their genes? Circadian rhythms, our 24-hour sleep cycles, are determined by when our brains release melatonin, the sleep hormone, and cortisol, the alertness hormone. In general, we produce cortisol during the day and melatonin at night. However, each person’s brain reacts slightly differently to light and dusk signals based on their genetics, and we therefore release cortisol and melatonin at different times of day and night.

Sleep scientists have been able to categorize people into groups, called chronotypes, based on their circadian rhythms. These chronotypes are represented by 5 animals, from earliest to latest riser: the chickadee, rabbit, chipmunk, fox and owl. You can discover yours by taking the science-based Morningness Eveningness Questionnaire (MEQ).

We’ve incorporated the MEQ test into BetterSleep Version 20.0, so you can easily find your chronotype. We’ll use it to help you understand your unique sleep needs and provide you with personalized tips and content recommendations. You’ll be able to access your chronotype information at any time from the app’s profile section.

A New Team of Sleep and Mindfulness Specialists

We’re thrilled to welcome 3 new wellness experts to BetterSleep:

Dr. Russel Foster is a world-renowned sleep scientist, Head of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, and Professor of Circadian Neuroscience and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at Oxford University. He has written and co-authored over 100 scientific publications. Dr. Foster will be joining us as our Chief Sleep Advisor and will lend his expertise to BetterSleep going forward.

Hypnotherapy is one of the few scientifically proven and safe ways to induce sleep naturally. To help you take advantage of this amazing wellness tool, we’re introducing a series of hypnotherapy practices developed exclusively for BetterSleep by two Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, John Moyer and Andrew Green. John has over 20 years of experience in hypnotherapy, and is the creator behind YouTube’s most popular sleep hypnosis channel, with over 20 million views. Andrew is the Director of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, and has spent over 5,000 hours helping clients in his private practice.

With the BetterSleep app, you’ll have access to the expertise of these specialists at your fingertips.

Change Is Growth

The BetterSleep launch represents a significant change, both for our team and our community of sleepers. In honour of this big step forward, we’ve created a Meditation for Change, which you can find in our meditations library within the app. This practice will reinforce the positive aspects of change, and teach you how to cope with it in healthy ways.

Our team is on a mission to transform the world through better sleep, and this is only the beginning. We’re excited to see what our future holds. We know it’ll be dreamy.

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