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How to Get the Most Out of Your Sounds With Smart Mix

by BetterSleep
Apr 8 • 3 min read

There are some sounds that never cease to be soothing: rain on a window, ocean waves, wind blowing through the trees. Then, there are the sounds you love that can be a bit too much sometimes, like a tweeting bird or rustling leaves.
Some days you know exactly what you want to . Other days, nothing quite sits right. White noise can be too intense, and city noises might drown out your neighbor’s TV but may be lacking in depth.

The New Smart Mixer on BetterSleep

Little things can add up and take away from you fully immersing yourself in your sound journey. Predictable loops of your favorite sounds can break the mood. With Smart Mix, your sounds will no longer be on a set loop. Instead, sounds will fade in and out in an organic way. This adds diversity to even the most loved and listened-to sounds.

The BetterSleep mixer already lets you combine multiple sounds and set each one to your ideal volume level. Now, with the new Smart Mixer, your combinations will have a lot more depth and take you away on a deeply immersive journey.

If you put together sounds that remind you of camping, it will feel like you’re really out in nature. The natural flow of rustling leaves and chirping birds will evolve as you listen, bringing a sense of total realness to your experience.

If you want to try some fun new mixes with the Smart Mixer, here are some suggestions:

Cozy Night In

  • Dreams
  • Bath Filling
  • Page Turning - with Smart Mix
  • Purring - with Smart Mix

Winter Hike

  • Canadian Forest - with Smart Mix
  • Walking on Snow
  • Rustling Leaves - with Smart Mix
  • Winds - with Smart Mix

Renaissance Fair

  • Medieval
  • Playground - with Smart Mix
  • Fire crackles - with Smart Mix
  • Birds - with Smart Mix

Night Under the Stars

  • Ancestral
  • Fire Crackles
  • Night - with Smart Mix
  • Owls - with Smart Mix
  • Wolf - with Smart Mix

Sound Bath

  • Small singing bowl - with Smart Mix
  • Medium singing bowl - with Smart Mix
  • Large singing bowl - with Smart Mix
  • Bamboo fountain
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