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How to Create A Relaxing ASMR Sleep Environment

by BetterSleep
May 10 2022 • 4 min read

Struggling to fall asleep? If you enjoy ASMR, you can create a personalized ASMR sleep environment to help you relax and drift into a peaceful slumber. Let’s explore how this works!

What Is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR for short, is a sensory phenomenon that several people experience in response to specific audio and visual stimuli. Those who experience ASMR describe a tingling or static-like sensation across their scalp or the back of their neck.

According to research, some stimuli that can trigger ASMR include:

  • Personal attention
  • Whispering
  • Crisp sounds
  • Slow movements

Many people report feeling relaxed and having a sensation of well-being after listening to ASMR sounds. This same research suggests that ASMR stimuli can temporarily improve symptoms of depression and chronic pain.

Does ASMR Help You Sleep?

If ASMR can help you relax, can it also help you sleep better?

First, you need to be able to experience ASMR to get any of its benefits. While 81% of people report having experienced ASMR before, others say they’ve never felt it.

Some researchers tested the possible effects of ASMR combined with binaural beats to help induce sleep. What they discovered was that ASMR sounds can help people relax and overcome the uncomfortable sensation of binaural beats on their own. Thus, they were able to fall asleep better.

While there’s no further research on how ASMR alone can help people sleep, it can certainly help you relax before bed if you’re one of the people who can feel its effects.

How To Create An ASMR Sleeping Environment

Ready to create a personalized ASMR sleeping environment? Since research suggests that binaural beats and ASMR work well together to induce sleep, consider using both when you create your sound mix.

When you create your BetterSleep account, you can customize your own sound mixes and save them for later use. Try the following steps to create your ideal ASMR sleep mix:

  1. Choose your favorite ASMR sounds: BetterSleep has an entire sound section meant for ASMR. You’ll find sounds like makeup brushing, mic scratching, slime, vinyl crackles, ear brushing, and so many more.
  2. Add some binaural beats: You can layer some binaural beats in your sleep mix to influence your brain and reach specific states. For instance, you can use the 4 hertz to guide your brain towards dreams. Alternatively, you can try the lowest frequency, which can help you reach deep, dreamless sleep.
  3. Add other sounds: Have fun with it! You can blend other sounds, music tracks, or effects to create your own relaxing soundscape. For example, you can add some rain or the sound of a river if those types of sounds help you relax. Or, you can use the sounds of a Canadian forest blended with some wind blowing through the trees.
  4. Mix your sounds: Your sleep environment isn’t complete until you’ve mixed your sounds. Arrange the volume of each sound effect until it feels comfortable to you. For instance, you can lower the volume of the binaural beats and increase the volume of the ASMR sound effects you chose.

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Prefer guided meditations? BetterSleep also has whispered ASMR meditations to guide you to sleep.

Try the BetterSleep App for free today to access your own library of ASMR sounds and improve your sleep starting tonight.

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