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Fall Asleep to the Relaxing Sounds of a Crackling Fire

by BetterSleep
Apr 22 • 5 min read

Why is the sound of fire so soothing? The ambiance from a fireplace is a great way to unwind , relax and can help you sleep better at night. This effect likely has to do with the evolution of the human species. If you enjoy the cozy calm of a fire but don’t have a fireplace, simulate the experience with a fire sound effect.

Why is a Fire Sound Relaxing?

If you have ever sat around a campfire with friends or settled in for an evening in front of the fireplace, you know the effect it has. The warmth and the sound are soothing and calming, but according to science, the effect goes well beyond physical sensations.

A study of the effects of fire sounds on people found that the crackling noises reduce blood pressure. In other words, it really does induce relaxation. The researchers hypothesize that this effect could be a result of evolution.

As humans evolved, social connections made around the campfire became necessary for survival. Those who stayed around the fire to make those connections thrived and survived. This could be the underlying reason we respond to fire, but it’s not certain. The relaxation effect could also be a result of cultural conditioning. Either way, the effect is real and can help you sleep better.

Fire is Like White Noise

Another reason fire sounds can help you sleep is that they are similar to white noise. White noise is a mix of sound frequencies. Essentially, it’s a background noise that doesn’t really sound like much. Many people use white noise to sleep because it blocks more disruptive environmental noises, like traffic or slamming doors.

Studies indicate that white noise helps most people fall asleep faster. It also seems to improve overall sleep quality. In one study, researchers used white noise in a hospital setting to help drown out disruptive sounds. It helped most sleep better.

A fire crackling sound effect isn’t exactly white noise. It does, however, provide a similar effect. The sound of fire is relatively continuous and constant and can drown out other sounds that interrupt your sleep.

A Fire Creates a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Anything you can do to settle your mind and body at night will help you sleep faster and more deeply. A soothing bedtime routine prepares you for good sleep. A fire can serve as an element of this routine if you have a fireplace. The sound and feel of the fire signal that it’s time to relax and get sleepy.

If you don’t have a fireplace, or it isn’t practical to build a fire every night, virtually simulated fire sounds can provide a similar effect.

If you find fire soothing, try the hundreds of sounds on the BetterSleep app. Use them one at a time or create your perfect mix. For the benefits of a fire, try campfire and fire crackles, and add in the sound of a forest or wind in the leaves. You’ll feel like you’re there around the ancestral fire while getting all of the great sleep benefits.

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