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Dreamer Chronicles: A Fully Immersive Bedtime Story Experience

by BetterSleep
Jun 16 • 1 min read

Following the love and appreciation that BetterSleep received for the bedtime story series Starship-28 and Underwater City, we’re happy to bring you a new sleep story series called Dreamer Chronicles.

This series stands out from the others in the BetterSleep library because of the range of voices you’ll hear. Five voice actors collaborated on this story to make the Dreamer Chronicles a more immersive experience than the stories that came before it. Rather than having a single narrator guide you, each character in the Dreamer Chronicles has a different voice to help fuel your imagination.

In this bedtime story, you’ll follow Nia, who discovers a magical portal into a land called Oneria. Nia starts returning every night and meeting other dreamers along the way. These stories chronicle her experiences.

According to Psychology Today, bedtime stories offer a range of benefits. Stories in general help you make sense of the world and quiet your thoughts by focusing only on the words. Listening to a story can also help you destress and give you a sense of comfort. After a long day of staring at screens and bright lights, being able to lie down and listen to a story gives your eyes a break and allows you to transition to a sleep mindset.

Listen to Dreamer Chronicles now.

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