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Dream Dive: Tornadoes

by BetterSleep
Jun 23 • 4 min read

Tornadoes are one of the most terrifying natural disasters to witness. Seeing tornadoes in your dream may cause you to wake up with feelings of terror and fear. It may also bring feelings of confusion if you are unsure about what is causing them.

It’s important to understand that your dreams are comprised of your feelings, conversations, what you watch, and much more. If these things are not addressed before going to sleep, there is a high chance that you will see them in your dreams.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are having dreams about tornadoes.

Dreams About Tornadoes

Nothing about tornadoes is loving and gentle. When tornadoes occur, so does destruction. Tornado dreams are commonly related to feelings of:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Being overwhelmed

If you have tornado dreams, it may be time for you to slow down and assess a few things before they spiral out of control. You may think you are handling a situation well, but the reality is that you are having difficulty coming to terms with many things

Tornado dreams can also be a result of things you are doing that can cause self-destruction. This is very common for people who have dreams about standing by and watching a tornado destroy everything in its path.

Being caught in a tornado

If you dream about seeing yourself caught in a tornado, you may feel trapped by your emotions and thoughts. Maybe you haven’t given yourself some time to relax outside of your thoughts.

This dream could also mean that you have lost control of your life. Someone else may have control over you and make you feel like there is no way out. These feelings have been weighing on your mind and have found their way into your dreams.

Someone you know being caught in a tornado:

If you see someone you know caught in a tornado in a dream, you may be worried about the person. This person may also be dealing with things that they have been afraid to tell others and the bond you share with them is deep enough to see that something is troubling them. This dream may serve as a warning.

Tornado dreams with good meanings

Although tornadoes are associated with destruction, some tornado dreams can have a positive interpretation. This dream could symbolize the tearing away of an old self. Maybe there are things about yourself you have been trying to change or bad habits you want to break.

If you survive a tornado in a dream, that may signify that the problems you have been facing will soon be resolved. This is a dream of progression and you should wake up happy and confident that you can move forward.

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