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Dream Dive: The Human Body

by BetterSleep
May 21 • 4 min read

It isn’t uncommon to dream about things you see daily. Whether you’re by yourself or with other people, dreams about the human body are normal. What you see and encounter plays a role in what you dream about at night.

Scientifically speaking, this is why dreams do not have a true meaning. So many things can impact your dreams, including what you watch, the people you converse with, and your feelings.

If you have dreams about the human body or its parts, you can still make sense of it.

Dreaming About Being Chased

If you are chased in your dreams, the first thing you should do is examine the context. Knowing things like the person chasing you and the location of the chase is helpful when trying to understand your dream.

Most commonly, if you are being chased in your dream, your subconscious mind is telling you that you’ve been avoiding a problem or person. Avoiding emotions is a common reason for dreams.

This dream signifies how you’ve been responding to the pressure in your life.

Dreams About Hands

Dreaming about hands can carry various meanings. The physical nature of the hands is what will help you understand your dream better.

Dreaming about a fist.

If you dream about holding a fist, this may signify hidden aggression you have towards a person or situation. You should consider using this dream as a caution and take time to address those hidden emotions.

If someone else has their fist in your face, this means someone may be plotting against you. This dream is a warning sign to be careful of those around you.

Dreaming about a handshake.

Dreaming about a handshake could signify the solution to a problem. You may have reached an agreement on a long-fought battle. Handshakes in dreams can also symbolize receiving recognition. Maybe the hand of the person you shook was a person of high importance.

Dreams About Feet

Feet are the source of your stability and foundation. The is the same in dreams. Seeing feet in your dreams may signify your stance and/or foundational strength in a matter.

These dreams can also show your level of confidence in a matter. Dreaming of feet that are poorly positioned or shaky could signify doubt or weakness.

Crossing your feet.

If you see yourself crossing your feet in dreams, you may have an off-putting attitude or you’ve been harsh on others. You should take a moment to step back and make necessary changes to your character.

An injured foot.

Seeing an injured foot in a dream should be taken as a warning. This dream signifies that your kindness may soon be taken for granted. It usually happens in situations where you had deep trust for a person.

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