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Dream Dive: Snakes

by BetterSleep
Jun 16 • 4 min read

Whether it’s poisonous or not, snakes can be a scary thing to encounter. Dreams about snakes can stem from suppressed emotions. Snake dreams are one of the most common animal dreams and can symbolize various things.

Scientifically, dreams do not have definite meanings. Uncovering the suppressed emotions and thoughts within you triggering these snake dreams is the only way to get an understanding.

What do dreams about snakes mean?

Generally, dreams about snakes suggest that you are troubled by something or someone. If these snake dreams are recurrent, you should immediately address the issue.

Snakes in dreams can also symbolize something you are avoiding, causing it to halt your progression. Snakes can be related to poison or deceit. Likewise, snakes in dreams can symbolize danger or needing to get away.

Sometimes, snake dreams can be about a deceitful or toxic involvement you have with someone else.

Positive meanings of snake dreams:

Snake dreams aren’t always indicative of something terrible. There are a few positive interpretations that dreaming of snakes can have:

Rebirth and renewal

If you see a snake shedding skin in a dream, it could symbolize rebirth or renewal. This dream suggests that something new is on the horizon. It also points towards getting rid of old habits and creating new ones.

Strength and courage

Snakes can often be seen with their heads up. They rarely hesitate in their attack and move with confidence. Dreaming of snakes could mean you need to attain these characteristics, or you may need them for an upcoming situation.

Other Snake Dreams:

Here are some other common dreams about snakes and what they could mean:

Getting bit by a snake:

Getting bit by a snake in dreams is considered a warning sign. If the bite is painful, the dream could be a wake-up call for you to give more attention to a specific area of your life. It could also symbolize your need to conquer your fears, like the fear of getting hurt by someone you love.

Dreaming about multiple snakes:

Depending on where you see the snakes, this dream isn’t favorable. Seeing multiple snakes or being surrounded by many snakes could reflect your suppressed feelings towards rejection and disappointment. Maybe emotions about a relationship that didn’t end well could be troubling you.

Different color snakes in dreams:

  • Black snakes: Something threatening and dark, sadness or depression.
  • White snakes: Purity or a transformation taking place in your soul
  • Yellow snake: Good fortune. You will get positive results in something you try to accomplish.
  • Green snake: Strength and vitality. Life is stable, and you’re flourishing in multiple areas.
  • Multicolored snake: Things may appear to be good on the outside, but there is a potential trap that you should be careful.
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