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Dream Dive: Losing Control

by BetterSleep
Jun 24 • 4 min read

Having dreams of losing control can be an uncomfortable experience. You may want to do or say something but you don’t have the control or power to do it. The extra effort you put into gaining control can be frustrating when you don’t see any results.

It’s important to understand that dreams are mainly comprised of your suppressed feelings and emotions towards various factors of your life. If you want to get the true meaning of your dreams, you should uncover the suppressed feelings you carry.

Here are a few common dreams about losing control and what they could symbolize.

Dreams About Losing Control:

Dreams about losing control are open to many interpretations. Whether you are losing control of your emotions or a physical thing, like a car or plane, this can be a nightmare.

The most general cause of having dreams about losing control is built-up anger or hostility towards a situation. If this is the case for you, you should let go of your anger or the need to seek vengeance.

Losing control of a car:

Dreaming about losing control of a car is usually a dream of bad luck. This dream symbolizes loss in general. You may lose a job, friend, relationship, or anything of value to you. There also may be something that you haven’t been paying attention to and you are on the verge of losing it.

Dreaming about being ignored:

If you dream about being ignored, you may feel overlooked or like your feelings don’t matter to other people. Maybe you feel like people don’t acknowledge you and it weighs heavy on your mind.

There may also be someone else who is taking the spotlight that you are used to being in and it makes you feel less important or left out.

Lastly, this dream could symbolize that you feel regretful about a decision you made. The consequences of that decision caused people around you to lose trust in you or no longer listen to you.

Screaming but no voice in dreams:

If you find yourself screaming in a dream but your voice is inaudible, this could mean that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or helpless. You may be going through something and you need help but nobody around you is there for you.

If you have this dream, you should take note of why you are trying to scream. A scream for help and screaming at something can come from different suppressed emotions.

Being blind in dreams:

If you find yourself blind in dreams, start paying attention to things around you. You may be overlooking something that is important or could harm you in the long run. You could also be out of touch with reality and blatantly ignore problems that should be solved.

In this case, admitting that there are things around you that need fixing can help prevent these dreams.

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