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Dream Dive: Bugs

by BetterSleep
Jun 10 • 4 min read

Whether it’s an infestation or just one, dreaming about bugs can leave you uncomfortable.

Dreams like this can stem from suppressed thoughts and emotions, what you watch, and conversations you have throughout the day.

If you want to find a true meaning to your dreams, searching deeper within yourself and addressing your feelings can help bring clarity. There are a few things you may put into thought when dreaming about bugs.

Dreams of Bug Infestation

Typically, dreaming about bugs or insects means you’re worried about something. The thing you are concerned about may make you uncomfortable, just like the sight of bugs.

Every type of bug or insect in a dream has its association, which could help you understand your dream. For example, spiders in dreams commonly signify anxiety.

These dreams can also refer to an unhealthy obsession with something, work, or a relationship.

Dreaming about bugs all over your body

Not only does the type of bug you see in a dream matter, but you should also note your interaction. This type of dream may be pointing toward your lack of peace. People who are stressed often dream about bugs all over their bodies.

If this is you, focus on ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

Dreaming about flies

Flies are associated with filth and uncleanliness. If you see flies in your dream, now may be the time to cleanse yourself of bad habits, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

You may need to eliminate extra baggage from stressful situations or relationships that negatively crowd your mental space.

Dead flies

Seeing dead flies is usually a favorable omen. The dream may symbolize overcoming a situation that almost defeated you. The dead flies mean that you will be victorious.

Cockroaches in dreams

Cockroaches in dreams can symbolize different things. Cockroaches can be difficult to kill because of their speed and ability to squeeze into tiny places. Seeing them in dreams could suggest a need for tenacity.

Cockroaches in dreams are also a sign of renewal.

Killing cockroaches

Killing cockroaches in dreams could signify your indecisiveness on a serious matter. You should take time to understand your options. Taking more responsibility for your actions is something else to consider when you have these dreams.

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