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Dream Dive: A Deceased Loved One

by BetterSleep

Dreaming about a deceased loved one can bring a mix of emotions. This can happen for many reasons, like not getting proper closure before a loved one passes away.

Explaining these dreams to others may cause confusion because it could be hard for others to understand your personal experience. Trying to process these feelings may cause you to try and discover a deeper meaning.

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With dreams, there are no solidified meanings. What you dream of is your brain’s way of releasing suppressed thoughts and emotions.

There are a few things that dreaming of a deceased relative or loved one could symbolize.

Dreaming of a Dead Relative

If you dream about a deceased loved one visiting you in a dream, its meaning depends on your current state of mind. Your dreams are comprised of your inner thoughts and emotions, so you may need to find a way to release them.

This type of dream is also known as a visitation dream. They are usually vivid and feel so real that you may consider the dream an authentic experience when you wake up. This usually results in a shift in your grieving process.

The first thing you should do when dreaming about a deceased relative is to look at how they communicate with you. A peaceful approach could mean that they are trying to bring you a sense of comfort or peace after their passing. Looking sad could mean that they are disappointed in something you’re doing.

Many things can cause you to dream about deceased people. Here are some of the most common:

Still grieving

If your brain is still trying to process someone passing away, it’s not uncommon to see them in dreams. These dreams can also be amplified by how much you think of them.

An ending of something

In many cultures, death symbolizes the ending of something. If you see a deceased loved one in a dream, you may struggle with ending a relationship, situation, or opportunity. This thing may hold significance to the person who passed away.


Another common reason is that you may need their help on a matter. If this person served as a beacon of advice or understanding for you, it’s normal to see them in dreams when you need to make an important decision. You may be internally missing the advice or guidance they used to give you.


Seeing deceased loved ones in dreams is even more common when they have passed away unexpectedly. If they visit you in a dream with a peaceful approach, you can take this as a sign that their soul is at peace. This type of dream may give you closure.

Start by understanding the psychology of dreams on our insightful article.

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