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How to Create the Most Sleep Positive Bedroom Design

by BetterSleep
Feb 19 • 4 min read

Though there are a variety of factors that get in the way of a good night’s sleep, your bedroom design can make the difference between tossing and turning all night and peaceful sleep.

Whether too much light is coming in and disrupting your circadian rhythm or a vibrant color scheme is increasing your blood pressure—a few simple tweaks can ensure your bedroom is a refuge for solid sleep.

Five potted plants and cactuses with flowers

8 Tips to Make Sure Your Bedroom Design Helps You Sleep

Your bedroom has two purposessleep and sex

It’s far easier to relax when your bedroom isn’t associated with mentally stimulating activities. So, if it’s not conducive to intimacy or sleeping—move it out of the room. This also means eliminating other activities in the room like reading or working. This means it’s time to remove any books or digital clocks away from your nightstand so your brain can unwind.

Reduce or eliminate storage in the bedroom

Having things in the room that are associated with emotions is disruptive while you’re trying to settle your mind down to sleep. Except for bedding, ideally, nothing should be stored in the bedroom.

Hide or remove electronics

Electronics giving off disturbing lights or used for entertainment should be removed or hidden. If you have a TV in your bedroom, you can have it on a stand that lifts it for watching and hides it when you’re not. Playing white noise or other sleep sounds on BetterSleep won’t disturb your sleep because it is possible to turn the screen off while the music plays in the background.

Choose a tranquil color scheme

Something as simple as having walls or comforters in the wrong color could interfere with sleep. Light blue, gray, silver, green, and lavender are considered cool colors and promote relaxation. Cool colors are proven to reduce blood pressure and provide relief from anxiety, even reducing muscle spasms and eye blinking. Tension-inducing warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are stimulating and aren’t ideal for bedroom decor.

Use blackout shades

Lights outside of the home like headlights of cars passing by or the neighbor’s automatic yard light repeatedly turning on can be very disruptive. Additionally, assuring that your bedroom is as dark as possible will remind your body it’s time to sleep and to start producing melatonin.

Get bedding for your ideal sleep temperature

Even the wrong bedding can leave you tossing and turning. A supportive and comfortable mattress and bedding consistent with a cool color scheme are essential. Additionally, if you’re a hot sleeper, then it’s best to avoid sheets with high thread counts as these can get very warm. Opt for cooling sheets to maintain a comfy temperature for deep sleep.

Keep bedroom décor minimal and peaceful

Just like with electronics and colors, certain décor can be mentally stimulating. Keep any wall art or any other décor simple and calming to avoid stimulation and to promote relaxation.

Maintain fresh air quality

Whether it’s chemicals from building products, dust, scented cleaning solutions, or fragrant cosmetic products – poor air quality negatively impacts sleep and next-day performance.

Clean up your bedroom’s air quality by eliminating scented items from the room, opening the windows, using an air conditioner, choosing eco-friendly paints, selecting an organic mattress, and even placing air-cleansing plants, like spider plants and dracaenas, in the bedroom.

These simple, and fun, adjustments can transform a disruptive bedroom design into a blissful retreat for a peaceful slumber.

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