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Bedtime Stories with Female Leads

by BetterSleep
Jun 27 • 4 min read

Any story needs a strong lead at the center of it—especially a female one! On BetterSleep’s app, you can choose from a vast range of bedtime stories to help you get a better night’s sleep, and many of them also feature a woman as their protagonist. From women in African villages to young girls discovering a world in their wardrobe to Ancient Egyptian queens, there are plenty of captivating female-led stories to help send you to dreamland for the night.

Here are seven stories with strong female leads you can listen to while drifting into a slumber on the [BetterSleep app]().

The Long Night of Queen Cleopatra

For nearly an hour, doze off to this tale of the legendary Ancient Egyptian queen as she looks to recapture her ability to get a great night’s sleep—after all, money, beauty, and power aren’t substitutes for your sleep hygiene!

The Queendom of Ilysia

Speaking of royalty-related stories, this is quite the subversion of the trope about princesses needing to be rescued! Elena meets with the Queen of Ilysia, and discovers the prince is being held captive. She then decides to save the prince herself, since the queen’s army won’t!

The Fairy Wardrobe

Meet Sophia, a young girl who finds a peculiar-looking wardrobe in her new home after moving with her parents. When she sees a glow emanating from it, she soon finds herself exploring an entirely new world—one full of fairies and magic!

An Australian Bushwalk

Looking for a peaceful escape from the doldrums of your everyday life? Why not go for a long stroll in rural Australia? While taking a respite from her hectic city life in Melbourne, Charlotte goes bushwalking in the country, with plenty of gorgeous scenery and wildlife awaiting her.

After the Dance

During Britain’s Regency era, Louisa finds herself back in her bedroom getting ready for bed after an evening spent at her first-ever ball. Before she wakes up the next morning to tell her sisters all about her experience, she needs a good night’s sleep!

The Enchanted Forest

A short and sweet one at only 22 minutes in length, this story centers around Clara, who finds a trail leading to an enchanted forest. Along the way, she explores a lush, dreamlike environment that provides peace, tranquility, and a sense of calm to her and the listener!

Sanah and the Sangoma

In the tiny African nation of Lesotho (situated right in the middle of South Africa), a young woman from a village named Malealea embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finding out where she belongs in our big world.

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