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Bedtime Stories That’ll Transport You Back in Time

by BetterSleep
Jun 10 • 4 min read

Where you’re going, you won’t need roads. Suppose you fantasized about jumping into a time machine and traveling through history. These bedtime stories from the BetterSleep app are probably as close as you’ll get. They’re designed to whisk you away to a different place and time and help you get the sleep you need.

Here are seven bedtime stories that will take you back in time and give you some sweet dreams and catch some excellent Zs along the way.

A Midsummer Seance

Across 36 minutes, this story takes you on a journey back to the early 20th century, where Madame C is preparing for one of her outdoor séances outside the Shardeloes mansion in 1911.

A Copper Age Journey

Take a trip back—way back—to the 5th millennium B.C., also known as the Copper Age. With this story, you’ll be transported to this ancient period while following a group of hunter-gatherers on their journey.

After the Dance

If you watch Bridgerton on Netflix, you’ll know that the U.K.’s Regency period was one of elegance, high-class, and rapid societal change. This story also takes place in that period of time a young lady named Louisa as she climbs into bed with a head full of memories and excitement after going to her first-ever ball.

The Long Night of Queen Cleopatra

You’ve heard of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her fascinating backstory, but probably not quite like this! Over 52 minutes, fly away to dreamland while you listen to this story about how she needs her rest and sleep, rather than just her power, influence, and money.

Nut, Goddess of the Sky

Are you afraid of the dark? One night, a young girl afraid of the dark learns to embrace the nighttime when her mother tells her a story about Nut, the Goddess of the Sky.

The Emperor’s Lion

A shorter story at only 30 minutes in length, this one is about Cicero, a lion trainer who goes off on an adventure through the streets of Rome to find his favorite lion, who’s suddenly escaped from the Colosseum.

Fossils, Rocks, and Time

Ever been to a dinosaur museum? If not, this could be a nice taster as you drift off into a slumber. You can spend 34 minutes learning about fossils and how each one tells a story about their place in the world throughout history.

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