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Bedtime Stories: Tales for Mythical Creatures

by BetterSleep
Jun 29 • 4 min read

Are you a fantasy buff who just can’t seem to get a decent night’s sleep? If so, you’re in for a treat. BetterSleep’s bedtime stories feature many different genres to choose from—including fantasy, specifically creatures from mythical lore. Gnomes, unicorns, phoenixes, you name it: if you’re a big fan of these types of magical stories, they can most certainly help give you the restful sleep you need and transport you to a fantastical new world.

Here are some tales of mythical creatures to carry you off to the land of dreams thanks to the BetterSleep app.

Niss the Woodland Gnome

No, they aren’t just found on people’s lawns. Across 34 minutes, this story centers around Niss, a woodland gnome who’s getting ready to relax for the winter. But first, he’s got some errands to take care of before the fall comes to a close.

The Last Druidess

Being a druid or druidess involves fighting to preserve harmony with the environment, even if you’re a tiny fairy! In this story, we learn all about the fay priestess of the moon goddess, and how she became a fairy after previously being human.

Where Griffins Sleep

Griffins are majestic creatures, like an extreme version of a bald eagle crossed with a lion. Just like the rest of us, they need their beauty sleep, too. This 41-minute story tells you all about how a griffin suddenly meets a human man, the two become friends, and the man gets to spend an entire day as ancient Anatolia’s richest resident.

The Phoenix and the Raven

They’re two birds of a feather, alright! In this story, we follow a phoenix and a raven go on an adventure together to attend a longstanding traditional fire ritual for a phoenix that has lived for 1,000 years.

A Unicorn’s Tale

Who says you can’t take the moon and pack it inside your backpack? Our heroine Talia is a unicorn from the Land of Serenia, tasked with delivering a sack full of moonlight over a lengthy distance. Unfortunately, Talia suddenly drops it along the way, leading to a journey in trying to retrieve it.

A Scottish Broonie Tale

If you’re familiar with Scottish folklore, you may have heard of these tiny house-dwelling creatures known as broonies. These spirits are nocturnal creatures who emerge in their homeowners’ slumber to perform various chores—and in this story, a woman tells her granddaughter all about her chance encounter with one.

The Pocket Dragon

You’ve probably seen plenty of movies where inanimate objects suddenly come to life. This is another one of those stories. A fairly short one at 25 minutes, follows along as young Benjamin suddenly discovers a toy dragon become sentient while he spends two weeks at his family’s cottage. Let’s just say it doesn’t take long for him to not miss playing video games anymore!

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