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8 Wellness Activities for You and Your Dad

by BetterSleep
Jun 15 • 4 min read

Dads are mentors and leaders for us throughout life. Never failing to make us laugh with their “dad jokes.” They’re one of the most protective people we may have in our lives.

As Father’s Day draws closer, we wanted to talk about different wellness activities you could take part in with your dad on this special day.

Keep reading to learn more about different fun and challenging wellness activities you and your dad can try and bond over, all while improving your wellness at the same time!

  1. Sports

Nothing beats a good ol’ friendly competition between you and your dad on Father’s Day. Whether he’s always had a passion for soccer or tennis, arranging some time for a group to get together and compete while playing dad’s favorite sport is bound to brighten up his day!

In general, with or without competition, sports promote a better quality of life and healthy behavior in people who participate.

  1. Hiking

Maybe your dad is a big outdoorsy kind of guy. Hiking might be an excellent way for a group of you to enjoy the weather and get some good laughs in. All while improving your cardiovascular health, boosting bone density, and even reducing your risk for heart disease.

  1. Biking

Biking is another awesome way for you and your dad to bond during a wellness activity. With a group of you, pick a route to take, or even try organizing a race. Cycling is not just a great way to spend some time with your dad, but it can also help you lose weight, strengthen your legs, and even boost mental health and brain power.

  1. Fishing

Fishing may not be the most physically demanding wellness activity (except maybe when a fish is on the line), but it’s a great way to enjoy the water and expose yourself to some sun and get some Vitamin D.

It’s also a great mood booster, and it may even help you fight off illnesses and diseases. Vitamin D from the sun promotes cell growth and improves the immune system.

  1. Cooking

What better way to add some wellness into your lives than cooking together? Host an event with some friends or family and cook up a healthy meal for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

  1. Camping

Camping hosts a wide range of wellness activities you and a group of people can participate in; chopping wood for a campfire, canoeing to a fishing spot, or embracing the weather and enjoying a dip in some fresh water! You can do tons of wellness activities with your dad when camping.

  1. Family game night

Game night is an excellent way for the family to forget about their daily stresses, unwind, and have some fun with dad! Take out dads favorite board game, or play a challenging game of charades. Nothing beats family bonding and a good laugh!

  1. Work on a project together

If dads aren’t taking care of business outside of the home, they’re taking care of business at home. What better way to bond with dad than work on his project together? Whether he likes doing DIY projects or painting, get creative and work on a project with him!

Closing thoughts

With Father’s Day around the corner, we hope our list of 8 wellness activities to take part in with dad spark an idea for you and your family so you can have an incredible fathers day filled with laughs and new memories! Make sure to share this with your siblings or mom so you can generate ideas together.

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