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5 Benefits of Stretching In The Morning

by BetterSleep
Apr 27 2022 • 4 min read

Have you tried beginning your day with an energizing stretching session? If not, here are five reasons why you should consider introducing stretching to your morning routine.

1. Helps Improve Your Posture and Mobility

Stretching doesn’t just feel good on your body — it’s also good for it!

Research shows that stretching can help correct your posture, especially in the shoulders. Why does this work? In short, stretching helps your muscles relax before you start your day. With more relaxed muscles, you’ll avoid tensing up and developing bad posture.

Stretching in the morning can also improve your mobility. According to the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, active stretching is effective to help increase functional mobility.

Working on your mobility in the morning is especially important if you have a desk job — or another occupation that requires you to stay seated all day.

2. Energizes Your Day

Do you wake up feeling sluggish and tired? Or do you struggle to keep your energy up throughout the day?

If this is the case, stretching in the morning could help. Stretching is a low-impact way to move your body, and body movement is an effective way to get a boost of energy in the morning. And experts agree that one type of movement isn’t better than another.

So no — you don’t have to go for a run to feel energized in the morning. Keeping active by stretching can provide many of the same energizing benefits.

3. Kickstarts Your Body and Mind

When you’re asleep, both your body and mind are in a state of rest. It takes a moment to get your body to fully wake up — that’s why you may feel sluggish in the morning at times.

Stretching gets the blood flowing throughout your entire body, including your brain! It even has some long-term benefits for your cardiovascular system.

Add in mindful breathing to oxygenate your blood and make this benefit even more potent.

4. Relieve Stress

Stretching for as little as 10 minutes in the morning can help you lower stress and anxiety. Just the fact that you’re taking a moment for yourself and your self-care will help!

Want to make your stretching session even more soothing? Try adding relaxing instruments or calming music in the background while you stretch. Layer in some binaural beats if you struggle with anxiety.

When you’re starting the day with less stress, you’ll also sleep better when you end the day.

5. Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Even if you don’t practice extreme sports, injuries can still happen. Slip on some ice, bend in a weird motion, or twist your ankle while walking, no one’s immune!

Stretching is an effective way to reduce your risk of injury. That’s because you’ll have a better range of motion and improved flexibility when you make stretching an everyday morning habit.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect stretching soundtrack or you want to wrap up your stretching session with a guided meditation, give the BetterSleep App a try for free!

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