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12 Summer Sounds and Soundscapes To Fall Asleep To

by BetterSleep
Jun 7 • 4 min read

Spending a day in the summer sun feels nice, but there’s something about summer sounds that’s so soothing and relaxing for sleep, too. Try these relaxing summer sounds the next time you’re struggling to fall asleep — whether it’s summer, winter, or anything season in between.

Summer Animal Sounds

These animals and insects are almost synonymous with summer!

  • Cicadas: Nothing signals a hot summer day like the chant of a cicada.
  • Tropical birds: Although you may not hear tropical birds singing if you’re spending summer in a non-tropical region, their soothing sounds still provide a summery feel to any soundscape.
  • Bumblebees: The low hum that bumblebees make can be nerve-wracking to some, but to others, it’s pure bliss! Try it out to see how it feels for you.
  • Seagulls: If you’ve ever been near a lake or the sea during summer, you’ve probably heard seagulls singing. There’s nothing quite like seagulls to make you think of summer.
  • Dolphins: Just like seagulls, dolphins will bring up images of a soothing summer day by the seaside

Summer Nature Sounds

Animals aren’t the only nature sounds you can use to relax!

  • Campfire or fire crackles: The crackling sound of wood burning in a bonfire is difficult to listen to without drifting to sleep.
  • Thunderstorm: Cozy up in your bed with heavy rain and thunder lulling you to sleep.
  • Canadian forest: Conjure up the image of a quiet summer day in the wild with the combined sounds of wind in the trees, birds chirping, and insects going about their day.
  • Water sounds: Pick your favorite summer water sounds, such as forest rain, slow waves, a lakeshore, a waterfall, or a river.

Summer Camping Soundscape

Try the following combinations in the BetterSleep app to simulate the soundscape of a camping trip in the middle of a hot summer night.

  • Camping near a lake: Combine the sounds of Night, Campfire, Lakeshore, and Lapping Water (or Slow Waves) to create the perfect quiet lakeside camping soundscape.
  • Camping during a storm: Want to replicate the feeling of cozying up in a tent during a thunderstorm? Use Thunder, Forest Rain, and Rain on Tent. You can also layer in Wind in Trees if you enjoy a windy summer storm.
  • Camping in the woods: Recreate the feeling of an afternoon nap in your tent by combining Canadian Forest, Wind in Trees, and Cicadas. Try adding Waterfall or River if you fall asleep better with water sounds.

Access all these sounds and more on the BetterSleep App. You can even save your sound mix to use any time you need some help falling asleep! Try the app for free today.

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