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The 20 Best 10-Minute Meditations to Try

by BetterSleep
Apr 20 • 4 min read

Short on time? If you’re new to meditation, know that you don’t have to spend hours meditating to reap its benefits.

In reality, it’s much easier for beginners to start with shorter meditations as they get accustomed to the practice.

Try one of these 20 relaxation meditations — they’re no longer than 10 minutes each!

10 Minute Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation

10-Minute Body Scan: This meditation guides you through an entire body scan to achieve deep relaxation. Listen Now

ASMR - Whispered Secret Garden: If you enjoy ASMR, try this visualization meditation that’s delivered to you via whispers. Listen Now

So Hum Mantra Meditation: Follow a simple relaxation mantra you can reuse anytime and anywhere. Listen Now

Ocean Visualization: Imagine yourself near the ocean to achieve a deeply relaxed state. Listen Now

10 Minute Sleep Meditation

Loving-Kindness for Sleep: Fall asleep happy with this ancient meditation practice. Listen Now

Gratitude Every Night: Cultivate a spirit of gratitude every time you go to bed by implementing this short meditation in your bedtime routine. Listen Now

Glowing Compassion: Develop compassion for yourself and others right before drifting to sleep. Listen Now

Inner Voyage: Let yourself drift off into a deep sleep by taking this inner voyage into your breath. Listen Now

Sleep Into Creativity: Unlock your most creative self while you sleep by putting on this meditation right before bed. Listen Now

Sleep Therapy for Deep Calm: Release all the stress you’ve accumulated throughout the day to sleep deeply and soundly. Listen Now

Fast Asleep Technique: Learn how to fall asleep more quickly with this meditation. Listen Now

Japanese Moon Breathing: In this meditation, you’ll learn an effective breathing technique to fall asleep faster than ever before. Listen Now

10 Minute Meditations to Relieve Stress

S.O.S. De-Stress Meditation: When you’re short on time, this 9-minute guide will help you center yourself if you’ve just experienced a stressful moment. Listen Now

Meditation for Change: Times of change can be stressful, this mindfulness practice can help ease you into your new beginnings. Listen Now

Quieting Your Mind: Too many thoughts racing through your head? Try this quick meditation before bed — or at any time of the day — to set those whispers to rest. Listen Now

Tropical Moonlight Visualization: Take your mind elsewhere by visualizing a soothing beach in the twilight. Listen Now

Breathing for Stress Release: Follow this guided breathing meditation to naturally soothe your body and lower your stress levels. Listen Now

10 Minute Healing Meditations

Healing Meditation for Grief: Give yourself the space to experience your grief in your own way. If you need support during your grieving process, this meditation is for you. Listen Now

Meditation for Trauma: If you’ve experienced trauma, it may be helpful to take some time to ground yourself in the here and now. This mindfulness practice can be your helping hand at any time of the day. Listen Now

Soothing Tinnitus: If you struggle with Tinnitus, use this meditation to reduce your discomfort using mindfulness. Listen Now

Did any of these meditations pique your interest? Try the BetterSleep App for free and give any of them a trial run the next time you’re struggling to relax or fall asleep.

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