Symptom management

Slamming fists on the table
wellness / mental health
How to Use Meditation For Anger Control
Anger is a natural emotion that we all experience from time to time. However, when anger gets out of control, it can hurt us and those around us.
Sep 15 • 16 min read
Meditating outdoors
mental health / wellness
Meditation in Times of Grief
Waves of grief can feel painful, but meditation for grief helps your body find peace by observing your feelings and thoughts without judgment.
Jul 7 • 6 min read
Napping with depression
sleep / mental health
What Are Depression Naps?
Depression napping is a term that has been trending on social media. Users post about taking depression naps, but not everyone realizes this can indicate serious mental health issues.
Jun 21 • 4 min read
Breathing practice
wellness / mental health
What is Holotropic Breathwork?
Holotropic breathing was developed it as a way to achieve different states of consciousness to aid therapy.
Jun 16 • 5 min read
mental health
Managing Grief
Grief is a natural response to losing someone close to you. You may experience intense emotions from guilt to disbelief, shock, anger, and extreme sadness.
Jun 6 • 7 min read
Feeling stuck like gum on a shoe
mental health
Becoming Unstuck: Fighting Feelings of Worthlessness
Feeling worthless is often a symptom of depression, but can also happen after periods of abuse, trauma, neglect, low self-esteem or a difficult situation such as failure.
Jun 1 • 4 min read
Pair meditation and therapy for mental wellness
mental health / wellness
Pairing CBT with Meditation
CBT focuses on teaching how your beliefs, thoughts and attitudes, can affect how you’re feeling and how you act. Meditation encourages positive thinking by observing thoughts.
May 25 • 4 min read
Transparency in the workplace when it comes to mental health
mental health / lifestyle
Talking to Your Employer About Mental Health
The competitive atmosphere of the workplace can often make it harder to speak out about your mental health.
May 24 • 4 min read
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