Water Sounds for Sleep

Fall asleep surrounded by water sounds

When it comes to relaxing before falling asleep, little compares to the soothing, rhythmic sounds of water in nature like rain, waves lapping up on the shore, or a rainstorm. While most of us would rather not be outside in a storm, there’s something undeniably lulling about hearing the rhythms of mother nature while lying in bed.

So, what is it about water sounds that are so conducive to sleep?

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Soothing Water Sounds

Fall asleep surrounded by water sounds
sounds for sleep

Listening to soothing sounds to sleep better

Certainly, we know the experience of being calmed by nature’s sounds, but it’s a puzzle why they feel so relaxing compared to artificial sounds. Research on nature sounds published in 2017 sought to pinpoint the causes.

It was discovered that listening to sounds from nature caused a reduction in the sympathetic response––the “fight or flight” mode––and increased the parasympathetic response––the “rest and digest” mode. Additionally, they discovered that soothing sounds reduced the inward-focused brain activity that results in stress, anxiety, and depression. While the artificial sounds increased the body’s stress response that can contribute to heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, and cellular aging.

An added benefit of the consistent sounds of water like the river, ocean waves, or rain is that it becomes white noise that cancels out the external noises that disrupt sleep. This is a nice perk if you live in a bustling city, your baby needs to sleep, or you want to catch a nap at the office.

Water sounds on BetterSleep

Water sounds can be enjoyed individually or combined with a guided meditation or breathing exercise to boost the chill vibes. BetterSleep offers a variety of tranquilizing water sounds to suit your mood and preference.

A few of our favorite water sounds are:

River – This consistent sound of rushing water is ideal for canceling noise and distractions.

Ocean – These gentle waves and ocean sounds may invoke imagery of lying on your favorite beach.

Rain – This sweet, soft pattering of rain sounds like it’s just outside your room.

Waterfall – If you’re a fan of white noise, you’ll love this cascading waterfall’s consistent sound.

Urban Rain – This heavy rain sound pattering on the roof also makes terrific white noise.

Cavern – If you prefer softer sounds, you’ll enjoy this gentle sound of water droplets echoing in a cavern.

Rainy day – This rainstorm includes thunder and perfectly captures the feeling of being cozy and warm inside.

Underwater – Go within with this heart-like rhythm of the deep waters of the ocean.

Icy snow – Relax in the great outdoors with the crisp sound of snow falling and birds chirping.

Sailing – This sound of being out on the open water will bring you joy as you relax.

Forest rain – Let any worries float away with the soothing hush of heavy rain in the woods.

Some of our favorite, soothing mixes with water sounds:

Try a combination of our favorite water noises with other nature sounds. For example:

Rain + Wind in Trees + Forest

Or a combination of water or nature sounds with gentle music. Some examples are:

Ocean + Piano

Fountain + Eternity

You can even combine your preferred water sounds with isochronic tones to induce your brainwave state into sleep. For example:

Waterfall + Dreamless Sleep Isochronic Tone

Seaside + Relaxation Isochronic Tone

Explore the variety of sounds and tools for total relaxation on the BetterSleep app and discover the endless possibilities for better sleep.