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High-quality, restorative sleep is essential to good health. Studies show time and again that the amount you sleep and how well you sleep impacts everything from blood pressure and obesity to cognitive decline and depression. If you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, try listening to nature sounds to ease stress and send you off to a peaceful dreamland.
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How Nature Sounds Improve Sleep

nature sounds for sleep

Time spent outdoors, especially in natural areas, is time well spent for good mental health. That boost in mental health translates to better sleep.As studies show, nature boosts mood, especially for people struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress. Being in nature also improves the physical measures of stress: lowering blood pressure and reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

Reducing stress is essential for better sleep. Stress and poor sleep create a problematic cycle: inadequate sleep increases stress, and stress makes it harder to fall asleep and contributes to insomnia. Asignificant portion of adults report that their sleep quality is poor and that stress is a major contributing factor.

Stress reduction is likely the main reason that exposure to nature can help you sleep better. If you can’t get outside often enough, try nature sounds for more restful sleep. Evidence shows that a natural soundtrack mimics the stress-relieving effects of being in nature.

In one study, participants underwent brain imaging while listening to artificial and nature sounds. Artificial sounds led to more introspection, which triggered worrying and stress. Nature sounds turned thoughts outward and reduced physical signs of stress. Those who benefited the most were people with high levels of stress going into the study.

Nature Sounds on BetterSleep

The evidence from research is clear: listening to the sounds of nature can relax you and help you sleep better, triggering a wave of health benefits. BetterSleep provides several nature soundscapes of varying lengths and types, so you can find one that works best for you:

  • Eight-Hour Treehouse Rainstorm. If staying asleep is as much of an issue for you as getting to sleep at night, try this long relaxing ambiance of sound. Imagine sleeping in a treehouse on a rainy night. You’re safe, warm, and protected from getting wet but can still hear the rain hitting the roof and wind in the leaves. There’s even a crackling fire to increase the cozy factor.
  • Water Sounds. If water is most soothing to you, try the many options on BetterSleep. You’ll find soundscapes for waterfalls, ocean waves, rivers, waves crashing on rocks or rocking boats, and even the sound of rain on a tent.
  • Wind and Storms. Maybe you find the sounds of a storm relaxing. Being cozy, warm, and tucked into bed while the wind kicks up outside can be soothing. Try the wind soundscape and add wind surges, wind sounds in the trees, and even a thunderstorm.
  • Mix a Nature Soundscape. Find your ideal combination of sounds by mixing wind, water, waves, and other nature sounds. BetterSleep allows you to create these custom mixes for your best sleep ever.

The sounds of wind, rain, and water are the original white noise. Try these relaxing soundscapes from BetterSleep to drift off to sleep on a stressful day and to enjoy more restful, higher-quality sleep.