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The Solfeggio Frequency for Rejuvenation – 285 Hz
Modern researchers rediscovered the power of Solfeggio by noting the healing effects of religious chants.
Jan 28 • 4 min read
sleep / relaxation
Isochronic Tones for Anxiety, Stress, and Sleep
Isochronic tones are single tones repeated with intervals to create a beat. The intervals are evenly spaced, so it sounds like a rhythmic pulse when you listen to these tones.
Jan 20 • 3 min read
A tornado with birds and leaves spins above a house at night
How to Spot (And Overcome) Signs of Burnout
Jan 15 • 4 min read
A woman pauses in a crowd of people
sleep / relaxation
What is Social Jet Lag, and Do You Have it?
Social jet lag is a relatively new term coined to describe how our social obligations interfere with how we sleep.
Dec 30 • 3 min read
A brown bear refuses cake, cookies, and a cupcake.
relaxation / news
How to Make 2022 New Year’s Resolutions That Last All Year | BetterSleep
Setting a New Year’s resolution, or multiple, is an honored tradition in many parts of the world. Many people set resolutions but not many follow through to the end. To make resolutions you can stick with, follow best practices when setting them.
Dec 28 • 3 min read
A soothing red and blue spiral vortex
Solfeggio Frequencies: How Listening to 396 Hz Tones Can Soothe Your Anxiety
Solfeggio frequencies are specific tones of sound known to trigger healing processes in the mind and body. Tune into sounds at 396 Hertz (Hz) to help manage feelings of anxiety and guilt.
Dec 21 • 4 min read
sleep / relaxation / meditation
A Full Moon Meditation for the Cold Moon of December 18th
In many cultures, December’s full moon is known as the Cold Moon for obvious reasons. Both the moon itself and the time of year in which it appears hold a lot of spiritual meaning.
Dec 16 • 3 min read
A turkey (or tofurkey) holiday dinner table.
relaxation / meditation
How to Relax Amid Holiday Stress
The holidays can be a time of celebration and togetherness, but they can also take a toll on your mental health.
Dec 14 • 3 min read
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