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Meditations for Letting Go of Your Day
If you are someone who struggles to let go of the stress, setbacks, mistakes, and events of the day, try meditation before bed to find inner calm and better sleep.
Jun 17 • 4 min read
Visualizing fish in the air
Visualization Meditations
y adding visualizations to your meditation practice, you can meet goals, reduce anxiety, and reap many other benefits.
Jun 8 • 4 min read
Meditating at home
Wellness Practices: Meditation
Meditation is increasing in popularity and it’s a practice that has a lot of research to back up its effectiveness in bettering our overall well-being.
Jun 3 • 6 min read
Meditate anywhere
Meditate Anywhere
We’re busy people and we find ourselves on the go quite often, it’s easier than you think to meditate in even the most chaotic of environments.
Jun 3 • 4 min read
Flowers poking through the dirt
wellness / mental health
Meditation for Stress Healing
There are many ways to decrease stress. Using meditation is an effective way that many people use.
Jun 2 • 4 min read
Feeling empowered physically
Empower Yourself Through Meditation
Meditation can be empowering because it helps you take control of your emotions, reactions, and behaviors.
Jun 2 • 4 min read
Morning meditation practice
7 Morning Meditations To Wake Up With Intent And Mindfulness
Try morning meditations to get energized, bring some mindfulness into your day, and set yourself up for a good day and evening so you can sleep better.
May 26 • 4 min read
Pair meditation and therapy for mental wellness
mental health / wellness
Pairing CBT with Meditation
CBT focuses on teaching how your beliefs, thoughts and attitudes, can affect how you’re feeling and how you act. Meditation encourages positive thinking by observing thoughts.
May 25 • 4 min read
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