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Practice kindness everyday
Affirmations to Share Kindness
Through things like affirmations, you can begin to see changes within yourself and the way you treat those around you.
May 11 • 3 min read
Managing your anger
How Your Anger Hurts You — And How to Take Control
Everyone gets angry from time to time. But what happens when that anger gets uncontrollable or starts affecting your quality of life?
May 10 • 4 min read
Anxiety coping skills
Tips for Managing Anxiety
Anxiety coping skills are for everyone. They help you in stressful situations when you can’t stop dwelling on something.
May 9 • 5 min read
Meditating outdoors
Different Types of Meditation: Which Ones Right for You?
Different cultures have been practicing meditation for centuries, and because of this, there are many different forms of it.
May 9 • 4 min read
Setting boundaries
How to Start Setting Healthy Boundaries In All Your Relationships
Let’s explore what it means to set boundaries and how you can start setting healthy boundaries with others.
May 7 • 4 min read
Breathing techniques to try
Bringing Mindfulness to the Breath: 3 Breathing Techniques To Try
Mindful breathing is a type of meditation practice that’s simple, yet powerful.
May 7 • 4 min read
Suffering from PTSD
The Truth About PTSD
Since May is Mental Health Month, it’s even more important to understand what conditions like PTSD are, and what exactly they entail.
May 6 • 4 min read
Listening to a body scan meditation
Body Scans for Stress
Stress can impact your body in many ways. It’s important to take time to practice things that alleviate stress levels in your body.
May 6 • 4 min read
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